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2020-02-12Updated OVP2019.12 documentationHEADmasterLincoln Lavoie8-120/+702
* Added table to index page for relationship between OVP release and OPFNV/ONAP release/tag * Added userguide for VNF testing * Updated OVP Addendum to include VNF testing * Updated release notes to include VNF testing * All documentation links point to stable-hunter, not latest * Fixed a couple of doc8 warnings for fomatting * Updated based on Trevor's review * Updated per CVC review and discussions on Feb. 10. * Fixed trailing whitespace issues * Added missing reference in ovpaddendum/index.rst Signed-off-by: Lincoln Lavoie <> Change-Id: Ibb099bb12873b114f1766d0aaabe4471d390a451
2019-12-27Fix all docker version and update all other docsxudan4-32/+32
JIRA: DOVETAIL-798 Change-Id: Ie10525d4534e7bf3bb263b9ad8cf200259a7bf7c Signed-off-by: xudan <>
2019-12-26Update Dovetail generic framework guidexudan1-52/+83
JIRA: DOVETAIL-797 Change-Id: I9be48de191591deeb356e4f2ad0e8508720d8e54 Signed-off-by: xudan <>
2019-12-18Update all test specification docsxudan23-466/+655
JIRA: DOVETAIL-795 Change-Id: I807a750c92aa8b50cf3af242b1766e7407063db2 Signed-off-by: xudan <>
2019-12-13Update reviewer guidexudan9-81/+90
JIRA: DOVETAIL-794 Change-Id: I4ed52b05aa0eb2fb95bbf2c4e7ca5f441fb73e72 Signed-off-by: xudan <>
2019-12-09Update user guide including testing, api, cli guide docsxudan4-128/+423
JIRA: DOVETAIL-796 Signed-off-by: xudan <> Change-Id: I5dd491726ca2c7d0a85dc17af7a25b776c1c38a9
2019-10-11Update all redirected links in Dovetail docsxudan21-85/+83
The pod ld-build2 only has python 3.6 installed, so change the tox env to be 3.6 Other pods has python 3.5 to verify pep8, py35 ... Change-Id: I0289d7ce96ffa49dd08ce4b855fe071a5e608cbf Signed-off-by: xudan <>
2019-09-10Introduce XCI installerPanagiotis Karalis2-0/+227
After the expression of the need to run the dovetail tool over the XCI installer, the investigation to that direction has been started. The aim of this patch is to introduce the relevant impact either on dovetail's code or on dovetail's documentation. JIRA: DOVETAIL-766 Change-Id: I6931506cb80baa4fa4288141ba86a858bc4215b0 Signed-off-by: Panagiotis Karalis <>
2019-09-10Use assertEqual instead of assertEqualsxudan1-2/+2
DeprecationWarning: Please use assertEqual instead Change-Id: I84db84e85a8a43486109bb948258e57c8b86fdfb Signed-off-by: xudan <>
2019-08-27Add validation disabled/enabled to results.jsonxudan1-4/+0
Change-Id: I918f85c5ac89cf2745efa8513946a2b5ab8638b1 Signed-off-by: xudan <>
2019-08-05Update Dovetail for XCI and Functest Hunterxudan7-241/+2
All info are recorded in etherpad Change-Id: Iec54ecca63ef9d83a2e6cceb4c8664a9d107eab4 Signed-off-by: xudan <>
2019-07-12Update OVP Support Email AddressTrevor Bramwell2-3/+3
As the portals have moved from the domain to, the support address has changed as well from 'verified' to 'ovp-support'. Change-Id: I341093992e456ac90580b3b96206a402f98bf2d2 Signed-off-by: Trevor Bramwell <>
2019-07-10Update the Certification Workflow documentTrevor Bramwell1-49/+51
These changes are at the request of Brandon Wick. Change-Id: Ieb4ea0164656e349451820071dc0c3d3f9bf67ac Signed-off-by: Trevor Bramwell <>
2019-07-10Add Swagger UI for dovetail APIxudan2-0/+115
Change-Id: If8f515b02f0372955739dd580967a3198930e98b Signed-off-by: xudan <>
2019-06-10Bugfix: Fix Dovetail 2 bugs found with CI resultsxudan1-4/+3
There are 2 bugs found with CI results of functest.tempest.neutron_tempest_plugin_api and all HA test cases. Yardtsick conf file does't mapping the keyfile to Yardstick container, so all HA test cases got SSHERROR. Also remove some useless debug msg to make dovetail.log more concise. Change-Id: I63c12d1b91ed5f8f8a893689384685ca9215f367 Signed-off-by: xudan <>
2019-05-23Change the OVP version to ovp.2019.0xPanagiotis Karalis2-6/+6
The OVP version is updated from ovp.2018.09 to ovp.2019.0x Change-Id: Ibbfe186f791c521155173fd405b0147844893cf8 Signed-off-by: Panagiotis Karalis <>
2019-05-22Remove sdnvpn test casesxudan6-1100/+6
Functest removed test case 'bgpvpn' from scope of Hunter release. Also remove them from Dovetail for next release. The original link of refstack is invalid now. Changing it to interop link. Change-Id: I5b686496e106d688b8b3768401be95ac58fa2122 Signed-off-by: xudan <>
2019-04-26Change HEAT package from .tag.gz to be .zipxudan1-4/+4
As Trevor Lovett suggests, the Heat file is a zip file. So users need to package it different only for Dovetail testing. It will be better to change it to be .zip to keep it the same as what they do. JIRA: DOVETAIL-770 Change-Id: I5338720c5e1363081e1f8cdce33391a969f1cd97 Signed-off-by: xudan <>
2019-04-12Update user guidexudan2-7/+29
Change-Id: I595975d13630c81c5d15ac0051225143d0394ba4 Signed-off-by: xudan <>
2019-03-28Fix VVP test caseStamatis Katsaounis1-0/+1
This patch adds check for no environment variables provided to container configuration. Furthermore, it changes the check results file to a list of check result files. Change-Id: I2112ee1fd4b3156608d8a27dd3b9c90dbe35a24c Signed-off-by: Stamatis Katsaounis <> Co-Authored-By: Panagiotis Karalis <>
2019-03-13Calculate checksum for input VNFStamatis Katsaounis1-9/+8
This patch adds checksum information inside ONAP related test case run results. The checksum is produced by the VNF input which can either be a CSAR file or an archive of Heat templates. Change-Id: I0ed58bdc9cc4031da08fd2ac220ef294520ef447 Signed-off-by: Stamatis Katsaounis <>
2019-03-12Update release note and user guide before tagging ovp-2.2.0xudan1-6/+6
Change-Id: I1b1a1c96db933dc54242a226a6b8ea4a58147a14 Signed-off-by: xudan <>
2019-02-22Add a doc introducing dovetail frameworkxudan1-0/+382
This doc is used to introduce Dovetail framework and how to develop with this framework. JIRA: DOVETAIL-757 Change-Id: I3c56ce56151580d0e2aebf3485a55f4c7a23c8b6 Signed-off-by: xudan <>
2019-02-20Add a quick start guide for ONAP VNF tests with Dovetailxudan2-0/+157
JIRA: DOVETAIL-759 Change-Id: Id1032d758b618803f09d036dfa9ef8fd54ada6ce Signed-off-by: xudan <>
2018-12-06Update the docs of patrolexudan3-2/+53
JIRA: DOVETAIL-756 Change-Id: Iad2bd02f3991aa3b551b8065ee25cf7b3213c423 Signed-off-by: xudan <>
2018-11-22Add User Guide per installer - APEXPanagiotis Karalis3-48/+215
Trying to install the dovetail project on APEX, some instructions have been found that are not clear enough. The aim of introduction of new folder and user guide documents for each installer is to make a dovetail deployment easier, using tips and advices that are applicable for each installer respectively. JIRA: DOVETAIL-743 Change-Id: I907b694d859164031b170cb0c7bb4f69b9ec889b Signed-off-by: Panagiotis Karalis <>
2018-09-30Delete the invalid url which causes jenkins-ci failedxudan1-6/+2
For Functest, it uses Shade instead of openstack python client. Remove the link of openstack python client and replace with shade. Change-Id: I5660ecdc243468a1da7854cde3a98ce424dbffe4 Signed-off-by: xudan <>
2018-09-24Update link to participation formGeorg Kunz1-1/+1
Change-Id: Ice4ac73f8ea7253e5ad510796486afa129f26699 Signed-off-by: Georg Kunz <>
2018-09-21Updating the container tags of the test projectsGeorg Kunz1-28/+27
Setting the container versions of the test tools to a specific release tag. Change-Id: I3422be006ff80035cecc9ec22eba50b02ed97be6 Signed-off-by: Georg Kunz <>
2018-09-20Eliminating docs build warningGeorg Kunz1-8/+12
Eliminating a build warning from the Tempest volume description and aligning its layout with other test case descriptions. Change-Id: Idb9ba8d77ef3cb7e14a5b24a8a81622fa0e3e30d Signed-off-by: Georg Kunz <>
2018-09-20Updating the link to the updated participation formGeorg Kunz1-1/+1
Updating all links to the new participation form. Change-Id: I41811fff3516ed5c8c91fbee16a3b50d432258d4 Signed-off-by: Georg Kunz <>
2018-09-19Reviewers Guide document for fraser release.dimitris.tsiolakis10-4/+4
Images have been updated to depict the latest changes in Dovetail Web portal. Change-Id: I4dc928141856fab34670272fcc465bea3f6156db Signed-off-by: dimitris.tsiolakis <>
2018-09-17Adapting local docs build and remove build warningsGeorg Kunz11-38/+41
The OPNFV docs project will remove its submodules and enable local docs builds. This patch prepares the Dovetail repo according to the official transition guide: This patch also applies syntactical changes which eliminate the sphinx doc build warnings. Change-Id: Ief8fd2d1c3e39b232d214a9ab392879ee4a492c8 Signed-off-by: Georg Kunz <>
2018-09-17Align testcase formats and complete volume testcase descriptions.louie.long1-12/+80
Change-Id: Ie7497f6e5ef79726d8cbbcd9f05bffa2aac6c8b8 Signed-off-by: louie.long <>
2018-09-13Update code base and docs to 2018.09xudan5-27/+26
The official name of the next release is going to be 2018.09. We need to rename all occurrences of 2018.08 in the code base, the documentation, and the web portal. JIRA: DOVETAIL-740 Change-Id: Ie0e532d6671b7590454e9afd960a2934f313a022 Signed-off-by: xudan <>
2018-09-03Remove identity v2 TCs,not supported by FunctestPanagiotis Karalis5-62/+0
As Functest does not support identity v2 anymore, it does not make sense to try to run tempest identity v2 tests. They need to be removed correspondingly. JIRA: DOVETAIL-735 Change-Id: I09c06faf52893cc535bbed1fd406b81a7665e787 Signed-off-by: Panagiotis Karalis <>
2018-08-31Reviewer guide update for OVP 2018.08 releasedimitris.tsiolakis23-113/+126
JIRA: DOVETAIL-701 Change-Id: I940bdd16762dd36ee338f41e5b2aab352c70600f Signed-off-by: dimitris.tsiolakis <>
2018-08-31Updating OVP addendum doc for 2018.09 releaseGeorg Kunz1-202/+200
Updating the OVP addendum document for the next release. JIRA: DOVETAIL-733 Change-Id: I7b7679f96bff4837f69769bb71256bc30602dced Signed-off-by: Georg Kunz <>
2018-08-29Updating test case requirementsGeorg Kunz1-18/+15
Updating the test case requirements document to match the new test case naming convention which was introduced for the 2018.08 release. Additionally, minor syntactic fixes. Change-Id: I34b4b90eb4f8bab4f59df2415c98c27169e98332 Signed-off-by: Georg Kunz <>
2018-08-27Shortening headings and testing building of docsGeorg Kunz4-12/+12
This patch shortens the headings and is used to test if the docs tool chain builds the right version. Change-Id: Ibc162be1b46ff787a90510c360881234391c5ba7 Signed-off-by: Georg Kunz <>
2018-08-14Rename to be ovp.2018.08xudan2-6/+6
Change-Id: I32aaee370512c3d7c8d6e1fbb6ef25aebc5d483f Signed-off-by: xudan <>
2018-08-14Test case descriptions for Tempest smoke testsdimitris.tsiolakis7-1/+506
Adding a high-level description of the Tempest smoke tests. As agreed on the last Dovetail call, we are aiming for a relatively low level of detail and instead point to available documentation. As the tests themselves are quite simple of read, this is the best, most concise, and up-to-date version of documentation we can find. JIRA: DOVETAIL-599 Change-Id: I985592c55fd415e254e70db6c6480c7bf3670a29 Signed-off-by: dimitris.tsiolakis <>
2018-08-14Update cli reference guidexudan1-47/+115
JIRA: DOVETAIL-713 Change-Id: Ie740c8bf24c297c2537b23e1d35e0b4d40cd3e35 Signed-off-by: xudan <>
2018-08-14Update user guidexudan1-83/+73
JIRA: DOVETAIL-710 Change-Id: If6150e75202851e80b3b945743eca3362dba69c7 Signed-off-by: xudan <>
2018-08-13Create a test case descriptions for Patrole RBAC testsxudan2-0/+307
JIRA: DOVETAIL-682 Change-Id: I37bb5ea2ba5b68407541e3e9d90d760e1720d3e7 Signed-off-by: xudan <>
2018-08-13Test case description for Yardstick HA caseMika Rautakumpu1-12/+91
This is test case description for HA test neutron-l3-agent. Yardstick TC058. JIRA: DOVETAIL-637 Change-Id: I90e0225e6f086982da9f6ea686fbc8c179f45984 Signed-off-by: Mika Rautakumpu <>
2018-08-09Test case descriptions for SNAPS smoke testsdimitris.tsiolakis2-0/+233
Adding a high-level description of the SNAPS smoke tests. As agreed on the last Dovetail call, we are aiming for a relatively low level of detail and instead point to available documentation. As the tests themselves are quite simple of read, this is the best, most concise, and up-to-date version of documentation we can find. JIRA: DOVETAIL-630 Change-Id: I38b072e29ec4cfe50baf0ac3350ea1a1d3e8d67a Signed-off-by: dimitris.tsiolakis <>
2018-08-02Test case descriptions for Neutron Trunk Port testsGeorg Kunz1-0/+157
Adding a high-level description of the Neutron trunk port tempest tests. As agreed on the last Dovetail call, we are aiming for a relatively low level of detail and instead point to available documentation. As the tempest tests themselves are quite simple of read, this is the best, most concise, and up-to-date version of documentation we can find. JIRA: DOVETAIL-684 Change-Id: I76801b34f974bf7c77fded3ffa5588b7e5b2803c Signed-off-by: Georg Kunz <>
2018-08-01First test case description for HA testsMika Rautakumpu1-1/+101
This is one of three test case descriptions from jira ticket. Test case description is TC010 it is TC056 in yardstick. JIRA: DOVETAIL-605 Change-Id: I70afa882a667a6932aa7ec29bc5e0621b43fa0a4 Signed-off-by: Mika Rautakumpu <>
2018-07-27Create a test specification for vIMS test casePanagiotis Karalis1-3/+80
New test specification has been created for dovetail project. Test descriptions is related to cloudify_ims test case of functest project. JIRA: DOVETAIL-699 Change-Id: I033351ad7cf83256bd7a9e208a7ce406d5a4cd2b Signed-off-by: Panagiotis Karalis <>