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Calculate checksum for input VNF
This patch adds checksum information inside ONAP related test case run results. The checksum is produced by the VNF input which can either be a CSAR file or an archive of Heat templates. Change-Id: I0ed58bdc9cc4031da08fd2ac220ef294520ef447 Signed-off-by: Stamatis Katsaounis <>
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@@ -82,11 +82,13 @@ all Dovetail related config files and results files:
For example, here we set Dovetail home directory to be ``${HOME}/dovetail``.
Afterwards, we will create a directory named ``pre_config`` inside this directory
-to store all Dovetail config related files:
+to store all Dovetail config related files and a directory named ``results``, where
+test results are going to be saved:
.. code-block:: bash
$ mkdir -p ${DOVETAIL_HOME}/pre_config
+ $ mkdir -p ${DOVETAIL_HOME}/results
There should be a file `` inside this directory to provide some info.
@@ -99,20 +101,17 @@ For TOSCA based VNFs, it should look like this:
export CSAR_FILE="/path/to/VNF/copied/in/container/name.csar"
-For HEAT based VNFs, it should create `vnf_dir` under `pre_config` and copy all
-HEAT template VNF packages to `vnf_dir`.
-.. code-block:: bash
- $ mkdir -p ${DOVETAIL_HOME}/pre_config/vnf_dir
+For HEAT based VNFs, the user should copy an archive of the HEAT template VNF
+packages to `pre_config`. The archive must be in gzip tar (tar.gz) format.
+In addition, the archive must contain only a directory with the same name
+(e.g. vnf_a.tar.gz must only include a directory named vnf_a).
Configuration file `` should look like this for HEAT based VNFs:
.. code-block:: bash
$ cat ${DOVETAIL_HOME}/pre_config/
- export VNF_DIRECTORY="/path/to/pre_config/vnf_dir"
+ export VNF_ARCHIVE_NAME="vnf_archive_name"
Use the command below to create a Dovetail container and get access to its shell: