airship6 weeks
apex6 months
apex-os-net-configUnnamed repository6 months
apex-puppet-tripleoUnnamed repository6 months
apex-tripleo-heat-templatesUnnamed repository6 months
armband6 months
autoONAP-Automated OPNFV (Auto)6 months
availabilityHigh availability requirements of the OPNFV platform6 months
bambooArchive as per RT680976 months
barometerUtilities and libraries to support low latency, high performance packet processi...5 days
bottlenecks6 months
calipso6 months
cirvThe CNTT (Common NFVI Telecom Taskforce) launched officially in June. Its missi...4 months
cirv-hdvUnnamed repository4 months
cirv-rapidUnnamed repository6 months
cirv-sdvUnnamed repository2 weeks
cirv-spirentUnnamed repository7 months
clover6 months
compass-containersUnnamed repository13 months
compass4nfv6 months
conductorResource scheduler for performance optimization6 months
container4nfv4 months
copperEnsuring virtualized infrastructure deployments comply with goals of the VNF des...6 months
cperf6 months
cran6 months
daisy6 months
doctorFault management and maintenance4 months
domino6 months
dovetail4 months
dovetail-webportalUnnamed repository4 months
dpaccFramework for VNF data plane acceleration6 months
edgecloud6 months
enfv6 months
escalatorArchived Project6 months
fastpathmetrics(Archived Project) Utilities and libraries to support low latency, high performa...6 months
fds6 months
fuel6 months
functestTest suites and cases to verify OPNFV Platform functionality4 weeks
functest-kubernetesUnnamed repository4 hours
functest-requirementsUnnamed repository3 years
functest-xtestingUnnamed repository7 hours
genesisBase set of infrastructure components for OPNFV to run example VNFs6 months
genesisreq6 months
infra6 months
inspector(Archived Project) Base set of infrastructure components for OPNFV to run exampl...6 months
ipv6IPv6-enabled OPNFV6 months
joidFlexible OPNFV platform deployment. Archived as per RT680966 months
kuberef"kuberef"4 hours
kvmfornfv6 months
laasUnnamed repository3 hours
laas-reflabUnnamed repository6 months
lsoapiArchived Project6 months
models6 months
moonSecurity Management Module6 months
movieArchived Project6 months
multisiteArchived Project6 months
netreadyArchive as per RT686756 months
nfvbench2 weeks
octopusContinuous Integration (Archived Project)6 months
onosfw6 months
openretrieverRenamed to containter4nfv6 months
opera6 months
opnfvdocsDocumentation for OPNFV releases4 hours
opnfvtsc6 months
orchestra6 months
oscarOPNFV System Configuration And Reporting6 months
ovn4nfvArchived as per IT-207886 months
ovn4nfv-k8s-pluginArchived as per IT-207888 weeks
ovno6 months
ovsnfv6 months
parserParse Telecom operators descriptors/records into TOSCA/CAMP templates6 months
pharosDistributed and federated NFV test capability6 months
pharos-toolsUnnamed repository18 months
pinpointArchive as per RT686766 months
policytest6 months
predictionPrediction system to warn of potential failure.6 months
promiseResource reservation and management6 months
puppet-barometerUnnamed repository3 years
qtipPlatform Performance Benchmarking6 months
releng4 hours
releng-anteaterUnnamed repository6 months
releng-testresultsUnnamed repository2 weeks
releng-utilsUnnamed repository3 years
releng-xci6 months
releng-xci-scenariosUnnamed repository19 months
rocket6 months
rs6 months
samplevnf31 hours
sandbox6 months
sandbox-zuul-config6 months
sandbox-zuul-untrusted6 months
sdnvpn6 months
securedlab6 months
securityscanning6 months
sfc6 months
snaps6 months
spark-model-runnerUnnamed repository20 months
stor4nfv6 months
storperf3 months
test6 months
test26 months
ves6 months
vineperfGeneric and architecture agnostic VinePerf testing framework3 weeks
vnf_forwarding_graphOpenStack Based VNF Forwarding Graph6 months
vswitchperf**THIS REPO HAS BEEN ARCHIVED. SEE vineperf**4 weeks
yardstick6 months