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masterFix doc link errorxudan7 hours
stable/fraserUpdate release note and user guide before tagging ovp-2.2.0xudan2 months
stable/danubeChanging the link to the updated participation formGeorg Kunz12 months
ovp-2.2.0commit da70a65996...xudan2 months
ovp-2.1.0commit 083efad304...xudan4 months
ovp-2.0.0commit 103a767cf3...Georg Kunz8 months
ovp-2.0.0-rc1commit 8e7906bb67...xudan9 months
ovp.1.1.0commit b33fc07ea2...xudan13 months
ovp.1.0.0commit 5749c7888b...grakiss16 months
ovp.0.9.0commit 5749c7888b...grakiss16 months
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7 hoursFix doc link errorHEADmasterxudan1-1/+1
28 hoursChange Functest version from gambia to hunterxudan2-2/+2
28 hoursRemove sdnvpn test casesxudan20-1450/+8
7 daysFix the verdict of sub test casesxudan2-3/+10
14 daysAdd Licensexudan106-0/+954
2019-04-26Change HEAT package from .tag.gz to be .zipxudan4-9/+10
2019-04-17Failed to upload results to ONAP portalPanagiotis Karalis7-1/+137
2019-04-12Update user guidexudan2-7/+29
2019-04-03Push CI results to OPNFV test DBxudan6-12/+129
2019-03-29Stamatis stepping down.Aric Gardner1-7/+7