BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterRename to be ovp.2018.08xudan6 days
stable/danubeChanging the link to the updated participation formGeorg Kunz3 months
ovp.1.1.0commit b33fc07ea2...xudan4 months
ovp.1.0.0commit 5749c7888b...grakiss7 months
ovp.0.9.0commit 5749c7888b...grakiss7 months
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6 daysRename to be ovp.2018.08HEADmasterxudan5-10/+10
6 daysTest case descriptions for Tempest smoke testsdimitris.tsiolakis7-1/+506
6 daysUpdate cli reference guidexudan1-47/+115
7 daysRemove one sub test cases from neutron trunkxudan1-1/+0
7 daysUpdate user guidexudan1-83/+73
7 daysRemove 2 sub test cases from neutron_trunk check listxudan1-2/+0
8 daysClean results directory to reduce the size of the package uploadedxudan1-1/+5
8 daysCreate a test case descriptions for Patrole RBAC testsxudan2-0/+307
8 daysTest case description for Yardstick HA caseMika Rautakumpu1-12/+91
11 daysTest case descriptions for SNAPS smoke testsdimitris.tsiolakis2-0/+233