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Bugfix: Fix Dovetail 2 bugs found with CI results
There are 2 bugs found with CI results of functest.tempest.neutron_tempest_plugin_api and all HA test cases. Yardtsick conf file does't mapping the keyfile to Yardstick container, so all HA test cases got SSHERROR. Also remove some useless debug msg to make dovetail.log more concise. Change-Id: I63c12d1b91ed5f8f8a893689384685ca9215f367 Signed-off-by: xudan <>
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@@ -360,10 +360,9 @@ A sample is provided below to show the required syntax when using a key file.
user: root
# Private ssh key for accessing the controller nodes. If a keyfile is
- # being used, the path specified **must** be as shown below as this
- # is the location of the user-provided private ssh key inside the
- # Yardstick container.
- key_filename: /home/opnfv/userconfig/pre_config/id_rsa
+ # being used instead of password, it **must** be put under
+ # ``$DOVETAIL_HOME/pre_config/.
+ key_filename: /home/dovetail/pre_config/id_rsa
Under nodes, repeat entries for name, role, ip, user and password or key file for each of the
controller/compute nodes that comprise the SUT. Use a '-' to separate each of the entries.