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masterMerge "xci: Add ability to pass command line options to"Markos Chandras47 hours
6.0.0commit e17a883d28...Fatih Degirmenci4 months
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47 hoursMerge "xci: Add ability to pass command line options to"HEADmasterMarkos Chandras3-2/+36
2 daysMerge "Docs transition"Fatih Degirmenci5-3/+35
3 daysxci: Add ability to pass command line options to xci-deploy.shMarkos Chandras3-2/+36
3 daysMerge "[Baremetal] Add ericsson-pod2 pdf and idf"Manuel Buil2-0/+401
4 daysSwitch to Functest HunterFatih Degirmenci3-2/+3
6 daysMerge "xci: Drop custom XCI certificates"Fatih Degirmenci9-51/+1
8 daysxci: Drop custom XCI certificatesMarkos Chandras9-51/+1
9 daysDocs transitionFatih Degirmenci5-3/+35
9 daysEnable post-deployment for k8s based scenariosFatih Degirmenci2-2/+59
10 daysxci: osa: Bump SHA for os_neutronManuel Buil1-1/+1