BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterxci: Bump SHAs for os_neutron and opendaylight ansible roleFatih Degirmenci21 hours
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
21 hoursxci: Bump SHAs for os_neutron and opendaylight ansible roleHEADmasterFatih Degirmenci1-2/+2
21 hoursxci: Bump OpenStack Ansible SHAsFatih Degirmenci3-82/+82
28 hoursClean up opnfv ansible vars and switch to lowercaseFatih Degirmenci12-161/+167
2 daysAdd proxy supportVictor Morales8-0/+81
44 hoursxci: Move cleanup script outside of bifrostMarkos Chandras3-4/+11
44 hoursMerge changes from topic 'allow-deployment-overrides'Markos Chandras8-56/+54
45 hoursxci: infra: bifrost: Avoid installing Ansible twiceMarkos Chandras1-27/+4
2 daysMerge "display the correct deploy scenario for the functest run"Markos Chandras1-1/+9
2 daysMerge "Access the K8s dashboard and configure the CLI in opnfv host"Fatih Degirmenci3-3/+43
2 daysAdd initial support for multiple infra deployersMarkos Chandras8-29/+50