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+.. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
+.. SPDX-License-Identifier: CC-BY-4.0
+.. Copyright 2018 Intel Corporation
+.. Links
+.. _Open Networking Automation Platform:
+.. _ONAP metric analysis:
+.. _ONAP on Kubernetes:
+.. _Helm:
+.. _ONAP on OpenStack:
+.. _OOM Minimum Hardware Configuration:
+.. _OOM Software Requirements:
+.. _seed code:
+.. _Orange ONAP OOM Deployment Resource Requirements:
+This spec introduces the work required to include the XCI scenario
+for `Open Networking Automation Platform`_ (ONAP) through the ONAP
+Operations Manager(OOM) tool. This tool provides the ability to manage
+the entire life-cycle of an ONAP installation on top of a Kubernetes
+Problem description
+According to the `ONAP metric analysis`_, more than 26K commit
+changes have been submited since its announcement. Every patchset
+that is merged raises a Jenkins Job for the creation and deployment
+of a Docker container image for the corresponding service. Those new
+images are consumed by deployment methods like `ONAP on Kubernetes`_
+and `ONAP on OpenStack`_) during the installation of ONAP services.
+Given that ONAP is constantly changing, an early issue detected can
+be crucial for ensuring the proper operation of OOM tool.
+Minimum Hardware Requirements
+Initially, No HA flavor will be the only supported flavor in order to
+bring a reference implementation of the scenario. Support for other
+flavors will be introduced based on this implementation.
+According to the `OOM Minimum Hardware Configuration`_, ONAP requires
+large amount of resources, especially on Kubernetes Worker nodes.
+Given that No HA flavor has multiple worker nodes, the containers can
+be distributed between the nodes resulting in a smaller footprint of
+of resources.
+The No HA scenario consists of 1 Kubernetes master node and 2 Kubernetes
+Worker nodes. Total resource requirements should be calculated based on
+the number of nodes.
+This recommendation is work in progress and based on Orange
+implementation which can be seen from
+`Orange ONAP OOM Deployment Resource Requirements`_.
+The resource requirements are subject to change and the scenario will
+be updated as necessary.
+Hardware for Kubernetes Master Node(s)
+* RAM: 8GB
+* HD: 150GB
+* vCores: 8
+Hardware for Kubernetes Worker Node(s)
+* RAM: 64GB
+* HD: 80GB
+* vCores: 16
+Proposed change
+In order to guarantee the proper installation and validation of ONAP
+services, this spec proposes two phases that complements each other:
+1. Creation k8-calico-onap scenario for the installation of ONAP
+services. This new scenario will be designed to validate the
+installation process provided by OOM tool.
+2. Adding Integration tests for ensuring that ONAP is operating
+properly. This process should cover Design and Runtime phases.
+Code impact
+New code will be created based on the existing k8-calico-nofeature
+scenario and will be placed in scenarios/k8-calico-onap directory
+in releng-xci-scenario repo. The ONAP installation should proceed
+once the VIM has been installed and before the OPNFV tests run.
+The default configuration for the virtual resources (4 vCores, 8GB RAM,
+and 100GB HD) offered by XCI does not satisfy the ONAP needs. The
+scenario override mechanism will be used to bring up nodes with
+the necessary amount of resources. This will be replaced by PDF and
+IDF once they become available. PDF and IDF implementation is a
+separate work item and it is not expected as dependency for the
+implementation of this scenario.
+Software Requirements
+OOM has gone through significant changes during Beijing release
+cycle. This resulted in changed way of installing ONAP.
+In its current release, new software is necessary to install ONAP
+as listed below and on `OOM Software Requirements`_..
+Helm: 2.8.x
+kubectl: 1.8.10
+The OOM also provides a Makefile that collects instructions for the
+creation of ONAP packages into the Tiller repository. To determine
+which ONAP services are going to be enabled, this configuration can
+be done by the OOM configuration, this new role will be placed in
+scenarios/k8-calico-onap/role/k8-calico-onap/tasks folder in
+releng-xci-scenario repository.
+Tentative User guide
+The Orange team has been working on this scenario for a while, this
+new role can use and adapt their `seed code`_ during the implementation.
+Primary assignee:
+ Victor Morales (electrocucaracha)
+ Fatih Degirmenci (fdegir)
+ Jack Morgan (jmorgan1)
+Work items