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2019-12-18Update all test specification docsxudan1-4/+4
JIRA: DOVETAIL-795 Change-Id: I807a750c92aa8b50cf3af242b1766e7407063db2 Signed-off-by: xudan <>
2018-08-29Updating test case requirementsGeorg Kunz1-18/+15
Updating the test case requirements document to match the new test case naming convention which was introduced for the 2018.08 release. Additionally, minor syntactic fixes. Change-Id: I34b4b90eb4f8bab4f59df2415c98c27169e98332 Signed-off-by: Georg Kunz <>
2018-01-15Changing CVP to OVP in the documentationGeorg Kunz1-10/+10
Due to the name change from 'CVP' to 'OVP', the documentation has to be updated. Change-Id: Id934e8fc07f60802f7aa6b3d295d268c4c9b71f8 Signed-off-by: Georg Kunz <>
2017-10-23Fixing references and layout in the docsGeorg Kunz1-1/+3
This patchset introduces labels for documentation-internal references and replaces footnote-style citations with inline hyperlinks. Additional minor changes for a nicer rendering of bullet lists. JIRA: DOVETAIL-521 Change-Id: Ic847fc05d546d673dadc7b8efee86fcb688133f5 Signed-off-by: Georg Kunz <>
2017-10-18Updating test case requirements documentGeorg Kunz1-47/+87
This patchset addresses review comments which were not incorporated in the previous version of the test case requirements description. Additionally, the text has been wrapped to 80 character lines. Change-Id: If817f6c44d94870d915791a1a11916ffe4871f06 Signed-off-by: Georg Kunz <>
2017-08-22Clarify criteria for testcase inclusion as running in Functest/CIBryan Sullivan1-16/+32
And additional clarifications. JIRA: DOVETAIL-477 Replace tabs. Further clarify testing programs and optionality criteria. Change-Id: I8eebdf215fb7cc75a6da9748629b1a73d0b71d19 Signed-off-by: Bryan Sullivan <>
2017-05-07Proposing to move "post conditions" as an optional topic for a test case.ChristopherPrice1-12/+2
It is not clear that there are post conditions to be documented for all test cases. In the case a test cse creates an image and deletes it, there is littöe need for a post condition to be documented. If a test case establishes a network to be used for a subsequent test ina sequence this information should be clearly dcumented. Change-Id: Ifb4bb45f240921c180077ab7273988d973417f6f Signed-off-by: ChristopherPrice <>
2017-04-26Committing the test case requirements specification to GIT for committer review.ChristopherPrice1-0/+92
This doucment needs to be +2'd by the majority of committers prior to merging to ensure we are all in agreement with regard to the test case requirements. This is a pre-requisite to test case selection for the CVP. Updated by dneary 2017-04-25: List formatting, and reorganising requirements for installer and stack composition. Change-Id: Iabaf11bc9479a20a58f985233d460013e4690d7c Signed-off-by: ChristopherPrice <>