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2018-11-03Make util support more than 10 compute nodesDaniel Balsiger1-1/+1
JIRA: APEX-644 The grep command used in the original code matches multiple nodes when deploying 10+ compute nodes. This makes opnfv-util fail to connect to those nodes. Proposed fix is to grep for "$node " instead. Change-Id: I952664f6f3cab3a98681684cd354513bb3c0ab12 Signed-off-by: Daniel Balsiger <>
2018-02-24Cherry-pick of L2GW environment fileRicardo Noriega1-0/+2
It includes ODL L3 service plugin and trunk ports apex-tripleo-heat-templates: I37039207bc7cf9965d26e6dfa034e84bf9b7224d Change-Id: I29c398aabf9a2d1b98f76895ed73c01dcc008c19 Signed-off-by: Ricardo Noriega <>
2018-01-18Enables trunk ports with bgpvpn scenarioTim Rozet1-0/+1
This is enabled in regular ODL deployments but is missing from the bgpvpn scenario. Trunk ports are requested by SDNVPN team for testing with bgpvpn. apex-tripleo-heat-templates: I1b4d3eea61e29e1ede0e06d78fde842ef13b7b8e Change-Id: I00a36b56045fa1114d8407fe5005128c46ecefb4 Signed-off-by: Tim Rozet <>
2017-12-14Updates OpenDaylight BGPVPN drivertomsou1-1/+2
apex-tripleo-heat-templates: Ib94b0182fd5fbc3a254cae5862a82982bf3131be Change-Id: Ie1e73edce9027056fb2e2870ee4705bf69251e11 Signed-off-by: tomsou <>
2017-10-04Use stable/17.10 branch for VPPFeng Pan1-0/+1
also add retry and timeout for VPP interface check in os-net-config apex-os-net-config: Idaf03d78d2ce657ac484c1285a795d98760d0112 Change-Id: I3dca43d263923e2ae7ff84781d3f7aa64fad6b5d Signed-off-by: Feng Pan <>
2017-09-14Removes clean.shTim Rozet1-20/+0
CI has been migrated to use opnfv-clean for verify jobs, which is now installed as python. There is no reason to keep ci/ anymore. Change-Id: I2edf23901c5debaba0674e3506fd0392d317dc6f Signed-off-by: Tim Rozet <>
2017-09-13Migrates clean to pythonTim Rozet1-208/+7
ci/ will be removed in a future patch after releng is updated to use python. JIRA: APEX-509 JIRA: APEX-319 Change-Id: If890db2fc5a31833ad28ec6f04589e25457bd380 Signed-off-by: Tim Rozet <>
2017-09-07More cleanup for ci directoryTim Rozet3-99/+0
Changes Include: - Moves to contrib dir as it is not used by our CI - Removes as it is not used by CI. tox can be invoked directly for developers. - Removes which is not used anymore Change-Id: I59e39be0ce8b23234c70bf066aebf894b6d73388 Signed-off-by: Tim Rozet <>
2017-09-06Remove and referencesTim Rozet2-26/+3
Deploy is now pip/rpm installed as opnfv-deploy in /bin. Alternatively the script can be invoked via python. The legacy was only being used for CI, which has now been updated to remove the need for the Apex repo containing ci/ Change-Id: I1fb93bd9de23a97a09bedb8ac014ef81955875f2 Signed-off-by: Tim Rozet <>
2017-09-06Removes build.shTim Rozet1-16/+0
We now have which handles all the building and was just a wrapper to include ansible playbook. Now that we have built in apex libs to run ansible there is no reason to keep anymore. Also simplifies the logic to determine apex root by using the git properties. Change-Id: I00d2e5c7c198e549d21936bb1e9b562ba93d3010 Signed-off-by: Tim Rozet <>
2017-08-25Fixes issues with baremetalTim Rozet1-1/+1
Change-Id: I60470611a70261d57ccbfd0e499f4336c7a12fe1 Signed-off-by: Tim Rozet <>
2017-08-23Merge "Migrates Apex to Python"Feng Pan6-496/+192
2017-08-23Migrates Apex to PythonTim Rozet6-496/+192
Removes all bash libraries and converts almost all of the code to a mixture of Python and Ansible. and still exist. will be migrated fully to in another patch. The Apex Python package is now built into the opnfv-apex-common RPM. To install locally do 'pip3 install .'. To deploy: opnfv-deploy -d <file> -n <file> --image-dir /root/apex/.build -v --debug Non-python files (THT yaml, settings files, ansible playbooks) are all installed into /usr/share/opnfv-apex/. The RPM will copy settings files into /etc/opnfv-apex/. JIRA: APEX-317 Change-Id: I3232f0329bcd13bce5a28da6a8c9c84d0b048024 Signed-off-by: Tim Rozet <>
2017-08-22No change to apex, change is to apex-puppet-tripleojhinman11-0/+2
Bumps the step for barometer from 4 to 5. apex-puppet-tripleo: I486c4045e29c7032526be6e19d11e7979070c2d9 Change-Id: I263d687e90e747e3fdfb9690ca9209553a1a2890 Signed-off-by: jhinman1 <>
2017-08-10Adds Doctor DS driver to CongressCarlos Goncalves1-1/+2
apex-tripleo-heat-templates: I0749ed6e0d27bd4c9a5bb19657579d400501d09e JIRA: APEX-498 Change-Id: I303e932d4a21b28e1b33f78f6520e4e888b4aaae Signed-off-by: Carlos Goncalves <>
2017-08-03Merge "Builds and installs ovs 2.6.1 with NSH support"Feng Pan1-2/+2
2017-08-02Builds and installs ovs 2.6.1 with NSH supportTim Rozet1-2/+2
Change-Id: I369b9d24880ebdb0836e42740ebf27082be9de99 Signed-off-by: Tim Rozet <>
2017-08-01nosdn-fdio scenario fixFeng Pan1-0/+2
apex-puppet-tripleo: Ie336c22b366bd478963ca14e25d645fec0cded7a Change-Id: I0b9212023eea28ff15e1e2f020a8bbd37cb2bcff Signed-off-by: Feng Pan <>
2017-07-31Correcting keystone authtoken params for congressDan Radez1-0/+1
apex-tripleo-heat-templates: Ibada3c58e2ba870defef356363dbf54d02c8a965 JIRA: APEX-495 Change-Id: I372c1362f4f967345bf4fa6b2b7762155ee33aa3 Signed-off-by: Dan Radez <>
2017-07-12Enables ODL HA for OcataTim Rozet1-3/+5
apex-tripleo-heat-templates: Ie108ab75cce0cb7d89e72637c600e30fc241d186 apex-puppet-tripleo: Ic9a955a1c2afc040b2f9c6fb86573c04a60f9f31 Change-Id: I995420bdb2ce84b063ab36f6fd4bdcdbbedd23ee Signed-off-by: Tim Rozet <>
2017-07-06Tiny fix for easy install scirptQiLiang1-1/+2
- add several dependent packages - fix random no deploy log display - chmod +x Change-Id: If18114b9fe8ba527abee907fa14eecf93beba098 Signed-off-by: QiLiang <>
2017-06-22Adding conditionals dependent on archDan Radez1-1/+1
There are x86 specific build items that can't be used when building on aarch64. Adding conditionals so that the items only get built in when building on x86_64. There are aarch64 specific settings that need to be set for deployment. JIRA: APEX-381 Change-Id: I63e1c99d5d22bbb523c88be7e973a6c834a38b01 Signed-off-by: Dan Radez <>
2017-06-12Updates to development dependency scriptDan Radez1-6/+2
- Removing easy install references - adding gitpython to pip installs Change-Id: I8a07749d6444b63304cb5eabbf8d021eeb2fcd33 Signed-off-by: Dan Radez <>
2017-06-06Adding rpmlint to the buildDan Radez1-1/+2
- updating syntax to meet rpmlint standards Change-Id: I056b7600df0f4383b97c67e705bc0b749b4c1633 Signed-off-by: Dan Radez <>
2017-05-30Moving to forks on gerrit.opnfv.orgDan Radez1-2/+2
Migrating off of github onto to host our forked projects that are side loaded into our builds apex-tripleo-heat-templates: Ic65cfeee4a55e993629f831c8c9d9addf6f3dff4 apex-puppet-tripleo: If498c41d706c8f14a5b0bbee64cb4d26cd78c2d0 apex-os-net-config: I5281a57640f388e984b061702362f9c82d08da78 Change-Id: Ieb5cf293ad06d90fce7a9467e32ac0f2d8731a0a Signed-off-by: Dan Radez <> Signed-off-by: Feng Pan <>
2017-05-18Merge "dep updates related to removing openstack-tripleo"Tim Rozet1-1/+1
2017-05-17dep updates related to removing openstack-tripleoDan Radez1-1/+1
- configure-vm requires libvirt-python - removing some references to openstack-tripleo - updating dep urls to JIRA: APEX-462 Change-Id: I5ed7f7ad2f2c016fcbc1157b29c2c0e4c5d9b4a7 Signed-off-by: Dan Radez <>
2017-05-17Refactors build script for ApexTim Rozet2-198/+240
Changes Include: - Build has been refactored into python - Caching now packs into multiple unique tar files which are logged into a journal file - Multiple files and journal allow for multiple apex builds to run simultaenously while minimizing risk of collision between cache reading and writing - Build dependency packages updated and will install when missing via ansible - If more than 2 caches exist then prune the oldest cache Change-Id: Iae703253eb6034aee42bf33153bb6e434d3cec48 Signed-off-by: Tim Rozet <>
2017-05-10Adding yamllint to build checksDan Radez1-2/+3
- making formatting changes to yaml files to meet yamllint checks Change-Id: Id48a8446512943e908e61dc00bbe6c033af27775 Signed-off-by: Dan Radez <>
2017-05-09Updating Apex to OpenStack OcataDan Radez5-23/+12
- power management updated to virtualbmc, pxe_ssh is deprecated - removing custom tacker build - removing custom congress build - disabling yum update in undercloud on the cli instead of in a patch - Undercloud is direct kernel booted now, there are no kernel and initrd in the disk image from upstream - remove OpenDaylight previous to Carbon JIRA: APEX-433 JIRA: APEX-432 JIRA: APEX-431 Change-Id: I6963f16e65eacade5607a3082b58b6150331406c Signed-off-by: Dan Radez <>
2017-04-13add onos deployment stepsbobzhou1-9/+0
opnfv-tht-pr: 128 opnfv-puppet-tripleo-pr: 23 Change-Id: Ib99f7e3968ed03bd86ca0de9c6c37c9871921486 Signed-off-by: bobzhou <>
2017-04-04Merge "Removing Deprecated ENV handling"Dan Radez3-39/+0
2017-04-03Removing Deprecated ENV handlingDan Radez3-39/+0
Change-Id: I7010fb29bf6927d3d4050d9dd8326a0ec7bc44f1 Signed-off-by: Dan Radez <>
2017-04-03Adding kickstart file for iso verifyDan Radez1-0/+57
Change-Id: If2712b15d23ce1453e7d3ee1aa4df92b8e537856 Signed-off-by: Dan Radez <>
2017-03-29Adding --virtual-computes to help outputDan Radez1-0/+1
JIRA: APEX-426 Change-Id: Id2ea69fd26c1160885cbd532d297ed9d3b89f5f7 Signed-off-by: Dan Radez <>
2017-03-27Adding OVN as an SDN option to ApexDan Radez1-0/+1
JIRA: APEX-129 opnfv-tht-pr: 111 opnfv-puppet-tripleo-pr: 18 Change-Id: I71de5802ed476b6f78ad5a718ac15d9aec9a6a1d Signed-off-by: Dan Radez <>
2017-03-20setting keystone region for tacker and congressDan Radez1-1/+2
opnfv-tht-pr: 124 JIRA: APEX-398 Change-Id: I64092deea764b65301da686989610db8965b82fc Signed-off-by: Dan Radez <>
2017-03-17Disable Neutron L3 agent HA for FDIO/ODL scenariosFeng Pan1-0/+1
opnfv-tht-pr: 123 JIRA: APEX-401 Change-Id: I247fe72a30ca15af73c5317ff5777d41b7d73976 Signed-off-by: Feng Pan <>
2017-03-09Open additional ports for OpenDaylight servicesJamo Luhrsen1-0/+1
- port 8101 is open to all karaf ssh access - port 6633 is open as the old default openflow port that is still in use by upstream OpenDaylight system tests. It is still enabled by default from the openflowplugin. Add old openflow port (6633) and karaf ssh port (8101) opnfv-tht-pr: 120 JIRA: APEX-397 Change-Id: I90a55b1d150758790cfb52231560c8cd722d94ad Signed-off-by: Jamo Luhrsen <>
2017-03-08Fixes syntax bug on mariadb file limit increaseTim Rozet1-0/+2
There was a missing ':' in the hieradata value which was causing the mariadb limit to never get increased. Also only runs the limit increase when noha is used. opnfv-tht-pr: 119 opnfv-puppet-tripleo-pr: 19 Change-Id: I0adf29de3afbb1ba021201e1814678b8beddb90e Signed-off-by: Tim Rozet <>
2017-03-08Use the more tested networking-odl-v1 in bgpvpnRomanos Skiadas1-0/+1
opnfv-tht-pr: 114 Change-Id: Icfa4edab139bcbf7684417649105212cc5f00a2e Signed-off-by: Romanos Skiadas <>
2017-03-03Adding notifier topic to ceilometerDan Radez1-0/+1
opnfv-tht-pr: 116 JIRA: APEX-367 Change-Id: Ie86f5bcf7c2caec4446698dd2e43b63f58747a42 Signed-off-by: Dan Radez <>
2017-03-04Merge "Increases open files limit for mariadb"Feng Pan1-0/+1
2017-03-03Removes hardcoded packages from dev_deploy_checkTim Rozet1-25/+3
The package versions we were downloading as beta are no longer required. Those versions are now included in epel, so we can just use the repo. Change-Id: I422afe675e001a1a405c92eb8f0561b7d216badf Signed-off-by: Tim Rozet <>
2017-03-03Increases open files limit for mariadbTim Rozet1-0/+1
There is currently an issue where the max open files limit is hit with MariaDB in noha deployments, because it is defaulted to 1024 by system limits. In HA deployments the limit is bumped to 16384. This patch introduces a flag to be able to increase the limit to 16384 for noHA deployments. opnfv-tht-pr: 115 opnfv-puppet-tripleo-pr: 17 JIRA: APEX-345 Change-Id: I786517c5fb663332e782500df964a43d3d4538ff Signed-off-by: Tim Rozet <>
2017-02-23Adding endpoint url definitions to congressDan Radez1-0/+1
opnfv-tht-pr: 109 Change-Id: Iad64221f4ced02eb78661ded6c9185554698200b Signed-off-by: Dan Radez <>
2017-02-23Adding endpoint url definitions for tackerDan Radez1-0/+1
opnfv-tht-pr: 110 Change-Id: I8db5f2788a93323c1c115acc159f5edfc3a627f2 Signed-off-by: Dan Radez <>
2017-02-22Allows for specifying compute node RAMTim Rozet1-3/+9
Currently we allow specifying ram per Overcloud VM. If the node is detected as ODL, we bump the RAM to a minimum of 10GB. There is a need to be able to specify the RAM per compute node in cases where we need controller RAM to be high, but want compute nodes to be low (like CSIT) - in order to keep the memory footprint as small as possible. Changes Include: - Adds '--virtual-compute-ram' argument that will override the '--virtual-ram' param for compute nodes - Fixes a bug where if ODL is used and RAM is overridden to 10GB for Control nodes, it was also accidentally being set for compute nodes - Modifies '--virtual-ram' to be '--virtual-default-ram' in order to clarify this parameter sets the default amount of RAM for all overcloud nodes which may be overridden by a role specific arg Change-Id: Ia36082aa2167d9897f3ec6753d08804352301c63 Signed-off-by: Tim Rozet <>
2017-02-16Enables OpenDaylight HATim Rozet1-0/+1
Enables ODL clustering by default for all HA ODL scenarios. opnfv-tht-pr: 107 opnfv-puppet-tripleo: 14 JIRA: APEX-390 Change-Id: I17934b5300e0cc9de36c24b4cd5b06ea54d05b8d Signed-off-by: Tim Rozet <>
2017-02-13Adding tacker support back into DanubeDan Radez1-46/+1
opnfv-tht-pr: 98 opnfv-puppet-tripleo-pr: 11 Change-Id: I971bb2c94eb9500c81b25adf5019fd02f8e90053 Signed-off-by: Dan Radez <>