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Enables ODL HA for Ocata
apex-tripleo-heat-templates: Ie108ab75cce0cb7d89e72637c600e30fc241d186 apex-puppet-tripleo: Ic9a955a1c2afc040b2f9c6fb86573c04a60f9f31 Change-Id: I995420bdb2ce84b063ab36f6fd4bdcdbbedd23ee Signed-off-by: Tim Rozet <>
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-#Dummy file used to store history of PRs
+#Dummy file used to store history of commits to apex 3rd party projects
#Note this is only needed for triggering commits with no code change in
-#Apex, but changes do occur in opnfv-tht
-#PR number, PR Title
+#Apex, but changes do occur in 3rd party projects
+#3rd party project, Change ID
+apex-tripleo-heat-templates, Ie108ab75cce0cb7d89e72637c600e30fc241d186
+apex-puppet-tripleo, Ic9a955a1c2afc040b2f9c6fb86573c04a60f9f31