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Open additional ports for OpenDaylight services
- port 8101 is open to all karaf ssh access - port 6633 is open as the old default openflow port that is still in use by upstream OpenDaylight system tests. It is still enabled by default from the openflowplugin. Add old openflow port (6633) and karaf ssh port (8101) opnfv-tht-pr: 120 JIRA: APEX-397 Change-Id: I90a55b1d150758790cfb52231560c8cd722d94ad Signed-off-by: Jamo Luhrsen <>
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114,Use networking-odl v1 driver in bgpvpn
119,Fixes missing ':' with setting hieradata for mariadb limit
19,opnfv-puppet-tripleo, Only increases mariadb limit with noha deployments
+120,Add old openflow port (6633) and karaf ssh port (8101)