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2018-06-29Merge "TempFix: vCGNAPT/vACL ipv4 perf issue"Deepak S1-2/+13
2018-06-12Adding support for Ubuntu 17.10...Deepak S2-2/+2
Change-Id: I9a9da79cb4ccb245ccb38b50b561da51a40a359d Signed-off-by: Deepak S <>
2018-06-05TempFix: vCGNAPT/vACL ipv4 perf issueDeepak S1-2/+13
Change-Id: I924fcac7a65c0d221d5d422f419deb9c0f864172 Signed-off-by: Deepak S <>
2017-10-12vACL: The ethernet mac address not updated correctlyAnand B Jyoti1-4/+4
JIRA: SAMPLEVNF-85 The ethernet header pointer initialization was wrong due to which the MAC address were not updated. Hence the packets were not reaching the destination. Change-Id: I90a38bba8d26d5f481c6476e6995eed92970b6e3 Signed-off-by: Anand B Jyoti <>
2017-10-05VNFs: Fixing klocwork issue in VNFs codeAnand B Jyoti3-6/+66
JIRA: SAMPLEVNF-83 This patch fixes the klocwork reported issues Change-Id: I190d024777be1bf53cdc97feca1e5934781f3582 Signed-off-by: Anand B Jyoti <>
2017-09-27REST_API: rest api client implementationVishwesh M Rudramuni5-2/+409
JIRA: SAMPLEVNF-78 This patch implements rest api's for VNF clients. This comprises of * vnf api's for common functionality * vnf api's for CGNAPT * vnf api's for VFW Change-Id: I56d22c64bf3ee5b0a2e536da8169ac7583499041 Signed-off-by: Vishwesh M Rudramuni <>
2017-09-27vACL: changes for gateway packet forwardingAnand B Jyoti6-1941/+1775
JIRA: SAMPLEVNF-60 vACL changes to support gateway packet forwarding. Change-Id: I1435254e4f18bc26bf2b37be2e3ed2df0fb29153 Signed-off-by: Anand B Jyoti <>
2017-08-21Update vACL config filesDeepak S8-56/+90
JIRA: SAMPLEVNF-76 Change-Id: Iab363cc6cd5310e25c15758f02ca68751e81a49c Signed-off-by: Deepak S <>
2017-08-14Enable tpkts_processed counter in aclDeepak S1-0/+12
JIRA: SAMPLEVNF-72 Change-Id: Iadb3173c76306a48860313177f1b86e8410c7df3 Signed-off-by: Deepak S <>
2017-07-21VNFs: Correcting the fdir mode for SWLB and HWLBAnand B Jyoti1-3/+4
JIRA: SAMPLEVNF-64 fdir conf mode was incorrectly set to RTE_FDIR_MODE_PERFECT in SWLB and also RTE_FDIR_MODE_NONE in HWLB. This patches corrects them to enable the Vector PMD. Change-Id: I2097479c948ad482dbb868e315e4a6dfc8355ef2 Signed-off-by: Anand B Jyoti <>
2017-07-20Merge "[l2l3 stack] implements new nd state machine & nd buffering"Deepak S2-427/+105
2017-07-20Merge "[l2l3 stack] implements new arp state machine & arp buffering"Deepak S1-156/+109
2017-07-18[l2l3 stack] implements new nd state machine & nd bufferingVishwesh M Rudramuni2-427/+105
JIRA: SAMPLEVNF-32 This patch implements ~New nd state machine implementing new states like INCOMPLETE, COMPLETE, PROBE, STALE. ~Implementing nd buffering, when nd is unresolved. ~Integratig the new changes with vCGNAPT ~Integrating the new changes with vACL ~Integrating the new changes with vFW. ~Adding locks to synchronize against multiple VNF threads Change-Id: Iaee4f4599ca3016ebb50ee2d9133fd8c39c5cd04 Signed-off-by: Vishwesh M Rudramuni <>
2017-07-14VNFs: Correcting default traffic_type to IPv4Anand B Jyoti2-2/+1
JIRA: SAMPLEVNF-54 The default traffic_type value needs to be set to IPv4 instead of MIX type which is not supported. Change-Id: Ibe8ec31bc7a435fd97aaae0e9e664d0eb70ee30c Signed-off-by: Anand B Jyoti <>
2017-07-14[l2l3 stack] implements new arp state machine & arp bufferingVishwesh M Rudramuni1-156/+109
JIRA: SAMPLEVNF-23 This patch implements ~New arp state machine implementing new states like INCOMPLETE, COMPLETE, PROBE, STALE. ~removing unwanted code in arpicmp pipeline ~Implementing arp buffering, when arp is unresolved. ~Integratig the new changes with vCGNAPT ~Integrating the new changes with vACL ~Integrating the new changes with vFW. Change-Id: If467ec035bc8de58463ea50d9e603a97f168c1a2 Signed-off-by: Vishwesh M Rudramuni <>
2017-06-27VNFs: rte_eth_dev is deprecated in DPDK version 16.11 and onwardsAnand B Jyoti1-3/+10
JIRA: SAMPLEVNF-17 rte_eth_dev is removed in DPDK version 16.11 and onwards. The corresponding error handling is fixed through samplevnf gerrit 34667. This patch is required for migration of VNFs to DPDK ver 17.05. Change-Id: I088b705e3261227bcba7332aeb5a2a236e77a33e Signed-off-by: Anand B Jyoti <>
2017-05-30If port configuration fails. Try again after disabling TX OFFLOADDeepak S1-5/+9
Change-Id: I5eaf64a0cac8747ba5ac79bfd036a77cee766e39 Signed-off-by: Deepak S <>
2017-04-19vACL VNF initial check-inBindya Narayan15-0/+10083
JIRA: SAMPLEVNF-2 Features include: - CLI based Run-time rule configuration. (Add, Delete, List, Display, Clear, Modify) - Ipv4 and ipv6 standard 5 tuple packet Selector support. - Multithread support - Multiple physical port support Change-Id: Ie266be23cd2d81f6d01df508ba44bd0998be13b3 Signed-off-by: Bindya Narayan <> [Push patch to gerrit] Signed-off-by: Deepak S <>