BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterMerge "Fix potential crash when getting device info"Deepak S7 days
stable/gambiaAdd index.rstAric Gardner4 weeks
stable/fraserFix potential crash with latency accuracyPatrice Buriez4 months
stable/euphratesAdjusted referencing for docsSofia Wallin14 months
opnfv-7.0.0commit 66ee98f342...Deepak S6 weeks
opnfv-6.2.0commit 692702c107...jenkins-ci5 months
opnfv-6.1.0commit 95e9ab89f6...Aric Gardner7 months
opnfv-6.0.0commit 4685c59ec9...Trevor Bramwell7 months
opnfv-5.1.0commit 65504ce40e...Deepak S12 months
opnfv-5.1.RC1commit 65504ce40e...Deepak S12 months
opnfv-5.0.0commit af6b18166d...Deepak S14 months
opnfv-5.0.RC1commit af6b18166d...Deepak S14 months
v1.0.1commit b8351286a5...Deepak S18 months
v1.0.0commit 720998394c...Deepak S18 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
7 daysMerge "Fix potential crash when getting device info"HEADmasterDeepak S1-10/+12
7 daysMerge "Add support for VLAN insert and stripping"Deepak S2-0/+19
7 daysAdd support for VLAN insert and strippingXavier Simonart2-0/+19
2018-11-10Add index.rstAric Gardner1-0/+19
2018-11-04Fix potential crash when getting device infoXavier Simonart1-10/+12
2018-11-02Updating release notes for Gambia...Deepak S1-33/+313
2018-11-01Add Gambia release notesDeepak S2-70/+21
2018-10-31Merge "Add support for counting non dataplane related packets"Deepak S8-5/+114
2018-10-31Merge "Fix potential crash when shuffling mbufs"Deepak S1-2/+3
2018-10-31Support for DPDK 18.05 and DPDK 18.08Xavier Simonart22-109/+456