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2017-08-17restruct documents according to opnfvdocsJulien10-800/+0
Use only development and release for we don't have test codes for now. JIRA: PHAROS-311 Change-Id: Iacfcaba81a7a52e09cf999b8603cc9dc2f8f2b97 Signed-off-by: Julien <>
2017-07-11Merge "Adding Labels"julien zhang1-0/+2
2017-06-27Fix Yamllint ViolationsTrevor Bramwell3-65/+67
JIRA: PHAROS-298 Change-Id: I1c9afc9bfee4a60144b95bc38e2333260c95167a Signed-off-by: Trevor Bramwell <>
2017-03-08Adding LabelsShubhamRathi1-0/+2
Labels serve as anchors/ refs when referenced from other documents This patch adds labels to docs/*/*/index.rst Change-Id: I3dd866f0721b0c97d7c29fce0b275b29d0b2ddc8 Signed-off-by: ShubhamRathi <>
2016-09-21Fix no-license issueJulien3-0/+27
delete docs/etc/ for they are not used anymore add license info for yaml files Change-Id: Ibac03b338700fcb52ca7c290b594b7f874f53d5c Signed-off-by: Julien <>
2016-09-19Update the file namingJulien8-5/+5
Update lab and pod name according to discussion of Pharos meeting on Sep.14, consistent naming for labs directory: Change-Id: I54520dda3f0662e42b8c1199f23036ced65b73bf Signed-off-by: Julien <>
2016-08-24Merge "Due to migration, update zte-pod1 and zte-pod2 info."Jack Morgan4-131/+176
2016-08-24Due to migration, update zte-pod1 and zte-pod2 info.wu.zhihui4-131/+176
JIRA: PHAROS-245 Change-Id: I3f8b20d3fea0bf00a210459b950186219c3c43f0 Signed-off-by: wu.zhihui <>
2016-08-22Updated Ericsson OPNFV Lab Information for Colorado releaseDaniel Smith1-2/+2
Fixes Whitespaces and some syntactical errors Added update and links to Ci/CD pages for Permanent Labs. Change-Id: I82de92a39bb48b3a6bf84a1678f4b7d7c1115630 Signed-off-by: Daniel Smith <> JIRA: 007
2016-08-22Migration ZTE NJ LAB from Nanjing to ShanghaiJulien9-23/+445
1. Migration ZTE POD1 and POD2 in Nanjing testlab into Shanghai. Update releated documents. 2. Update lab topology. 3. Separate Deploy Server from Jump Host. JIRA: PHAROS-245 JIRA: PHAROS-246 Change-Id: Ib567b564dec92c2bba780d4bd7af89c13fe5315e Signed-off-by: Julien <>
2016-08-22Update according DOCSJulien1-0/+0
Each path use a index.rst file to include all the rst files: 1). Add missing index.rst 2). Rename some file to index.rst 3). Ude a index.rst to include all the community labs(currently all the labs are at the top level) Change-Id: I9bb6903328a8d445121982dd662df9eeceb23ff5 Signed-off-by: Julien <>
2016-08-04ZTE SH Lab documentsJulien6-0/+302
Add ZTE SH Lab information into documents JIRA: PHAROS-228 Change-Id: I4d9594b0a1a127cef5118bdb2a1f343185f97cb5 Signed-off-by: Julien-zte <>