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ZTE SH Pharos lab currently has three PODs available in Shanghai. Each POD has 5 servers, 3
-controller nodes and 2 computer nodes. These PODs are dedicatedly used for Production/CI. These PODs
+controller nodes and 2 computer nodes. These PODs are dedicated for use by Production/CI. These PODs
focus scenarios related with **test** projects, **installer** projects and performance enhancement
projects, such as KVM, OVS, FDS, etc.
@@ -79,7 +79,7 @@ The following information should be provided in the request:
Why is access needed:
How long is access needed:
- What sepcific Host will be accessed:
+ What specific Host will be accessed:
What support is needed from zte admin:
Once access requirment is approved, the instructions for setting up VPN access will be send to you by mail.