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authorAric Gardner <>2018-05-26 19:49:33 +0000
committerGerrit Code Review <>2018-05-26 19:49:33 +0000
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Update git submodulesopnfv-6.1.0
* Update docs/submodules/releng from branch 'master' - Merge "updated auto.yaml with 6.1.0 commit" - updated auto.yaml with 6.1.0 commit master commit to use for 6.1.0: b718a43380376d2b19222c4203c97a95ca849ae8 (note: opnfv-6.1.0 tag: 553ea71b7aa2eb7d9ff46316de367dff0844ce42) (can/should a tag objet ID be used for a point release ?) updated stable/fraser SHA1, to same SHA1 that was used for 6.0.0 (i.e. 3a957a75f99686767d13f45d74b5ca8463559b7b) (I assume stable/fraser SHA1 should be the same as 6.0.0 SHA1 ?) >The stable ref is the ref when the branch was created, it should not >change (cherry-picking for stable/fraser is not possible after 6.0.0 is released) >You can cherry pick as long as you want. Change-Id: I887174801a56b374cae0197b31561673bc0435ea Signed-off-by: Gerard Damm <>
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diff --git a/docs/submodules/releng b/docs/submodules/releng
-Subproject 4a0a2215e4091b89085cc36f0566779fbb1a774
+Subproject 800929a5806795ce491cae935e7a248ac0d404d