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authorJack Morgan <>2017-12-07 19:44:18 +0000
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Update git submodules
* Update docs/submodules/pharos from branch 'master' - Merge "Moving all pdfs to pharos repo" - Moving all pdfs to pharos repo Inline encrytion of yaml files allows us to make away with securedlab's restrictions Going forward, anyone will be able to see Lab PDFs See: If you are the reviewer on this changeset it is becasue git blamed showed you to be the author of the pdf in this review. Encrypting ipmi password is optional. I have scrubbed the password from this change. If you do not need the password to be hidden, please let me know in the comment, and I will put it back. If you do need the password hidden, please follow the readme above and ammend this patch to include the encrypted value that you create on your pods jumphost. Change-Id: Ie3e935e7e9250a387858c29eb77c3c06b4fe3f57 Signed-off-by: agardner <>
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diff --git a/docs/submodules/pharos b/docs/submodules/pharos
-Subproject 4df99b08100c17cd3386122f3a6844906745019
+Subproject f1bbaf60dec3f1f1c1958a7711e432594d671af