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+# How-to develop on the Moon platform
+## Install the platform
+Follow the `moon/moonv4/README.md` file.
+## GUI
+The GUI code is located at `moon/moonv4/moon_gui`
+The configuration values is at `moonv4/moon_gui/static/app/moon.constants.js`
+To be able to only develop the GUI, you can install the Moon platform and run the GUI outside the platform.
+To link the outside GUI to the Moon Manager, you must update the configuration values and specially the
+following variables :
+- `{{MANAGER_HOST}}` : the hostname of the Manager (example:
+- `{{MANAGER_PORT}}` : the TCP port of the Manager (30001)
+- `{{KEYSTONE_HOST}}` : the hostname of the Keystone server (example:
+- `{{KEYSTONE_PORT}}` : the TCP port of the Keystone server (30006)
+To run the GUI service, follow the `README.md` file.
+## Current bugs
+1) Models -> "`List of Meta rules`", after updating the meta_rule
+"`Actions` -> `edit`" and clicking on `close`, the main screen doesn't refresh
+2) idem if we want to remove the meta_rule
+3) after deleting an action perimeter (`Policy` -> `Add an action` -> `select a perimeter` and delete it),
+the dropdown list is not updated
+4) when adding a data subject (`Policy` -> `Data` -> `Add a Data Subject`), only the right category names must
+be listed in `Catagory list`. Hide the categories that doesn't belong to that policy.
+5) idem for object data
+6) idem for action data
+7) after adding data (subject, object, action), the dropdown list in `Rules` -> `Add a rules` are not updated
+if the page is not manually refresh by the user and if the `Rules` window is already showing.
+8) typographic error in `Add a rules`
+9) in `Data` -> `Add a Data Object`, the `Create Data` never create the data in the backend
+10) Move the `project` tabular to the end
+11) create a simplified version (to be discussed)