AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
18 hoursMerge "Fix a bug in slave API."HEADmasterRuan HE1-1/+1
18 hoursFix a bug in slave API.Thomas Duval1-1/+1
19 hoursAdd moon_get_slaves, moon_set_slave, moon_delete_slave commands.Thomas Duval5-3/+146
3 daysMerge "jenkins conf"Ruan HE6-64/+26
3 daysjenkins confRHE6-64/+26
4 daysUpdate versions of moon_manager and moon_orchestratorThomas Duval2-2/+2
4 daysMerge "add test_rules unittests for moon_manager"Ruan HE1-0/+58
4 daysMerge "add test_assignment unittest for moon_manager"Ruan HE1-0/+174
4 daysadd test_rules unittests for moon_managerMohamedAssem1-0/+58
4 daysadd test_assignment unittest for moon_managerMohamedAssem1-0/+174
4 daysAdd th ability to (un)load wrapper components through APIThomas Duval11-56/+452
5 daysMerge "Add exceptions and test cases"Ruan HE4-49/+107
5 daysAdd exceptions and test casesReemMahmoud4-49/+107
5 daysMerge "update review correction"Ruan HE1-1/+10
5 daysMerge "Fix GUI"Ruan HE48-168/+173
5 daysMerge "adding tests for the change "interface - pipline""Ruan HE3-6/+14
5 daysMerge "add test_data unittests for moon_manager"Ruan HE2-1/+183
5 daysMerge "Add tests to moon_orchestrator and refactor"Ruan HE3-25/+82
6 daysupdate review correctionsgdt69001-1/+10
8 daysFix GUIGourdin Jonathan48-168/+173
8 dayscreate moon jenkinsRHE14-2/+258
9 daysMerge "restructure tests"Ruan HE7-144/+84
9 daysrestructure testsRHE7-144/+84
9 daysadding tests for the change "interface - pipline"sgdt69003-6/+14
9 daysadd test_data unittests for moon_managerMohamedAssem2-1/+183
9 daysAdd tests to moon_orchestrator and refactorReemMahmoud3-25/+82
9 daysMerge "Fix conftest"Ruan HE2-12/+111
9 daysMerge "Refactor moon_authz"Ruan HE3-12/+46
9 daysMerge "adding comments for some issues and points"Ruan HE6-42/+127
9 daysMerge "test case issue"Ruan HE3-13/+94
10 daysFix conftestMohamedAssem2-12/+111
10 daysRefactor moon_authzReemMahmoud3-12/+46
10 daystest case issuesgdt69003-13/+94
10 daysadding comments for some issues and pointssgdt69006-42/+127
11 daysAdd test in moon_authzReemMahmoud1-0/+25
11 daysAdd pdp-set exception handlingReemMahmoud1-0/+3
11 daysMerge "Add tests to test_authz"Ruan HE1-0/+41
12 daysImplement the delete_pod function in Manager and OrchestratorThomas Duval7-205/+316
12 daysAdd tests to test_authzReemMahmoud1-0/+41
12 daysprevent the mapping N*PDP <=> 1*Keystone_projectThomas Duval4-4/+28
13 daysMerge "Fix some tests"Ruan HE4-81/+29
13 daysMerge "Fix a bug in Wrapper"Ruan HE1-1/+1
13 daysMerge "Fix a bug in Orchestrator"Ruan HE1-1/+1
13 daysMerge "Update with the latest versions of each component"Ruan HE3-7/+7
13 daysMerge "Clean the code of Manager"Ruan HE16-155/+175
2018-01-05Fix some testsThomas Duval4-81/+29
2018-01-05Fix a bug in WrapperThomas Duval1-1/+1
2018-01-05Fix a bug in OrchestratorThomas Duval1-1/+1
2018-01-05Update with the latest versions of each componentThomas Duval3-7/+7
2018-01-05add meta_data unittests for moon_managerMohamedAssem1-0/+196