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masterUpdate versions of moon_manager and moon_orchestratorThomas Duval23 hours
stable/euphratesUpdate index in the doc tree.asteroide3 months
stable/coloradoUpdate scenario documentation.Thomas Duval15 months
stable/brahmaputraMerge "Fix a bug in test."Ruan HE2 years
opnfv-5.1.RC1commit 2c380003fa...RHE5 weeks
colorado.2.0commit 0f22f48939...Aric Gardner14 months
colorado.1.0commit f772cfeb0c...WuKong16 months
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23 hoursUpdate versions of moon_manager and moon_orchestratorHEADmasterThomas Duval2-2/+2
23 hoursMerge "add test_rules unittests for moon_manager"Ruan HE1-0/+58
23 hoursMerge "add test_assignment unittest for moon_manager"Ruan HE1-0/+174
25 hoursadd test_rules unittests for moon_managerMohamedAssem1-0/+58
25 hoursadd test_assignment unittest for moon_managerMohamedAssem1-0/+174
37 hoursAdd th ability to (un)load wrapper components through APIThomas Duval11-56/+452
43 hoursMerge "Add exceptions and test cases"Ruan HE4-49/+107
45 hoursAdd exceptions and test casesReemMahmoud4-49/+107
48 hoursMerge "update review correction"Ruan HE1-1/+10
48 hoursMerge "Fix GUI"Ruan HE48-168/+173