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2018-11-14Improve tox testingStamatis Katsaounis1-0/+2
This patch removes unused test requirements. In addition, it runs coverage together with unit tests by py.test. In addition, it adds sone docs links which were missing. Finally, it adds coverage reports to .gitignore file. Change-Id: I68e65781b17929c60fbb3f4c318b1366c35d185f Signed-off-by: Stamatis Katsaounis <>
2018-09-17Adapting local docs build and remove build warningsGeorg Kunz1-7/+2
The OPNFV docs project will remove its submodules and enable local docs builds. This patch prepares the Dovetail repo according to the official transition guide: This patch also applies syntactical changes which eliminate the sphinx doc build warnings. Change-Id: Ief8fd2d1c3e39b232d214a9ab392879ee4a492c8 Signed-off-by: Georg Kunz <>
2018-05-27Archive all test case result filesxudan1-1/+2
1. All detailed tempest test cases results are recorded with file tempest-report.html rather than tempest.log now. 2. Archive all results files include functest.log, yardstick.log ... for each test case. Otherwise, they will all be in one log file. 3. Support to set the source files and dest files need to be archived with the test case config files rather than hardcode with the source code. 4. Give the file which used to be parse the results (PASS/FAIL) with the test case config files rather than hardcode with the source code. Change-Id: I30f435d91ab90cf20def47007f177fe98187484d Signed-off-by: xudan <>
2018-05-07Adding a tox environment for locally building docsGeorg Kunz1-0/+3
Run tox -edocs to locally build the Dovetail docs. This is quite useful because the default OPNFV docs preview build toolchain is broken for Dovetail. Change-Id: I0a55a701b96437a20aa09edc47bc3e49e32c0b87 Signed-off-by: Georg Kunz <>
2017-11-27[cvp-web] Bugfix: Total num of test cases should be fixedgrakiss1-1/+1
JIRA: DOVETAIL-552 The total num of test cases is decided by the number of the test cases users uploaded to the Web now. The total num should be fixed. For example, the total num of mandatory test cases should be 215. The total num of optional test cases should be 63. Change-Id: I6f7055bbeceb80f831af7d800b1a5aca4e165c45 Signed-off-by: grakiss <>
2017-10-09[web-cvp]missing files in web sitesgrakiss1-1/+0
JIRA: DOVETAIL-522 some files missing due to incorrect .gitignore settings Change-Id: I4d81842afcb6f2734abeebbdcde56ec5b3e1655b Signed-off-by: grakiss <>
2017-05-30sdnvpn offline support in dovetailMatthewLi1-0/+1
JIRA: DOVETAIL-441 Change-Id: I709c62a36c65ef0b4da69c5508f7a8273e68dc2b Signed-off-by: MatthewLi <>
2017-04-27support HA test cases to run with keyxudan1-1/+0
JIRA: DOVETAIL-409 1. HA test cases need a file pod.yaml, in this file it can use the password or the key. 2. If use key, Dovetail need to pass the key file $DOVETAIL_HOME/dovetail/userconfig/id_rsa to yardstick Container. 3. Add a directory $DOVETAIL_HOME/dovetail/userconfig and a sample_pod.yaml 4. ha.tc001 tc003 tc005 tc006 tc009 are ready. Change-Id: I391cc211dba2cf0740dd0dcaee8a5c2d712eaee1 Signed-off-by: xudan <>
2017-04-25Bugfix: All HA testcases are SSH timeout in CI jobsxudan1-1/+2
JIRA: DOVETAIL-405 1. All HA test cases running in CI are SSH timeout. 2. The reason is that HA test cases need a file pod.yaml providing the info of each node of Openstack. 3. This pod.yaml should be put in $DOVETAIL_HOME/dovetail/userconfig by users. 4. Dovetail's CI jobs should also do some adaptions. JIRA: DOVETAIL-407 5. modify file .gitignore to ignore directories results/ and userconfig/. Change-Id: I5c681445ec83c9d67a0151370f5b56840ffe444c Signed-off-by: xudan <>
2016-12-20dovetail tool: .cache added in gitignoreMatthewLi1-0/+1
please see patch set 3 Change-Id: I32dd107e0e8704482e1cdb659a02b774cb7d8482 Signed-off-by: MatthewLi <>
2016-12-15dovetail tool: bugfix about setup dovetailxudan1-1/+1
1. change the entry_points of setup.cfg into 2. after setup the command 'dovetail -d true --testsuite debug' can just be successfully executed under folder dovetail/dovetail. That is mainly because of the load functions of using relative paths. 3. using absolute path instead of relative path can support the command successfully executed under any path. JIRA: DOVETAIL-154 Change-Id: I4a2ad39a1a60e7e63efc55515781d27b823aa894 Signed-off-by: xudan <>
2016-12-13[WIP] Migrate to tox based environmentLeif Madsen1-1/+1
Migrate the custom to a more formal setup environment using tox, in the same way that OpenStack configures their projects. Adds metadata to tox.ini from the file, and breaks out the dependencies from into requirements.txt and test-requirements.txt. Executes flake8 testing for pep8 coverage. Defaults to using Python 2 for the environment. Change-Id: Ieaea7d9f3dc227febd8fb1dc9142d478ba197a92 Signed-off-by: Leif Madsen <> Signed-off-by: zshi <>
2016-10-30dovetail tool: ignore file amendedMatthewLi1-9/+8
JIRA: DOVETAIL-37 1)as much as possible to stay the same 2)*.mo deleted since no C used in this repo 3)unittest-log.txt added, it can be produced by using -f 4)document related added, including *.sw?, CI related /docs_build/ /docs_ouput/, results dir 5)other personal habit will not included in this Change-Id: I1e3c95d74f99c212838a987f1705af3902f6f58d Signed-off-by: MatthewLi <>
2016-09-20add prototype of dovetail toolLeo Wang1-5/+36
JIRA: DOVETAIL-12 Change-Id: I1ee120ed8199589e1e7cbce9cbb55036e9e5f7ea Signed-off-by: Leo Wang <>
2016-01-08updates to use new doc toolchainRyota MIBU1-0/+5
Change-Id: If30334be2bdb0e1dc869f3aaf17fe94d5cccf7d8 Signed-off-by: Ryota MIBU <>