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diff --git a/docs/testing/user/userguide/vnf_test_guide.rst b/docs/testing/user/userguide/vnf_test_guide.rst
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--- a/docs/testing/user/userguide/vnf_test_guide.rst
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@@ -104,13 +104,13 @@ For TOSCA based VNFs, it should look like this:
$ cat ${DOVETAIL_HOME}/pre_config/
export HOST_URL="http://<docker host ip>:8702"
- export CSAR_FILE="/path/to/VNF/copied/in/container/name.csar"
+ export CSAR_FILE="/opt/name.csar"
For HEAT based VNFs, the user should copy an archive of the HEAT template VNF
-packages to `pre_config`. The archive must be in gzip tar (tar.gz) format.
-In addition, the archive must contain only a directory with the same name
-(e.g. vnf_a.tar.gz must only include a directory named vnf_a).
+packages to `pre_config`. The archive must be in zip (.zip) format.
+In addition, the zip of HEAT templates must be a flat collection of files, which
+means there should be no top-level directory and no sub-directories.
Configuration file `` should look like this for HEAT based VNFs:
diff --git a/dovetail/ b/dovetail/
index 06ef415..09cfdce 100644
--- a/dovetail/
+++ b/dovetail/
@@ -79,7 +79,7 @@ class Report(object):
elif vnf_type == 'heat':
path = os.path.join(
- os.getenv('VNF_ARCHIVE_NAME') + '.tar.gz')
+ '{}.zip'.format(os.getenv('VNF_ARCHIVE_NAME')))
checksum = hashlib.sha256()
diff --git a/etc/conf/onap-vvp_config.yml b/etc/conf/onap-vvp_config.yml
index d812e1f..3333cae 100644
--- a/etc/conf/onap-vvp_config.yml
+++ b/etc/conf/onap-vvp_config.yml
@@ -13,10 +13,10 @@ onap-vvp:
entrypoint: ''
shell: '/bin/ash'
- - '{{dovetail_home}}/pre_config/{{heat_templates_archive}}.tar.gz:/tmp/{{heat_templates_archive}}.tar.gz'
+ - '{{dovetail_home}}/pre_config/{{heat_templates_archive}}.zip:/tmp/{{heat_templates_archive}}.zip'
- '{{dovetail_home}}/results:{{result_dir}}'
- - 'tar xf /tmp/{{heat_templates_archive}}.tar.gz -C /vvp'
+ - 'unzip -o -d /vvp/{{heat_templates_archive}} /tmp/{{heat_templates_archive}}.zip'
- 'pytest tests --template-directory=/vvp/{{heat_templates_archive}} --output-directory={{result_dir}} --report-format=json --continue-on-failure'
diff --git a/etc/userconfig/ b/etc/userconfig/
index 4f173a6..7644f0d 100644
--- a/etc/userconfig/
+++ b/etc/userconfig/
@@ -3,10 +3,11 @@
# The url under which the VNF SDK container is accessible through the host.
export HOST_URL="http://<docker host ip>:8702"
-# Absolute path of CSAR file, and should be copied to vtp container.
+# Absolute path of the CSAR file in container 'refrepo'.
export CSAR_FILE="/opt/test.csar"
## Special environment parameters for Heat validation tests.
-# The VNF archive should be put at $DOVETAIL_HOME/pre_config.
+# The VNF archive should be zip file and put at $DOVETAIL_HOME/pre_config.
+# Here should give the name without postfix .zip.
export VNF_ARCHIVE_NAME="vnf_archive_name"