BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterDocuments up-to-dateTomi Juvonen4 months
stable/jermaDocuments up-to-dateTomi Juvonen4 months
stable/iruyaDoctor Iruya release notesTomi Juvonen15 months
stable/hunterUpdated from global requirementsC├ędric Ollivier22 months
stable/gambiaindex.rst was blankAric Gardner2 years
stable/fraserDoctor releasenotes Fraser 6.2Tomi Juvonen3 years
stable/euphratesMerge "Updated from global requirements" into stable/euphratesRyota Mibu3 years
stable/danube[docs] fix link in danube release notesRyota MIBU4 years
stable/coloradorelease notes for coloradoRyota MIBU4 years
stable/brahmaputraRun 'ip' with sudoCarlos Goncalves5 years
opnfv-10.0.0commit 72a1f8c92f...jenkins-ci3 months
opnfv-9.0.0commit b530bac56e...jenkins-ci13 months
opnfv-8.0.0commit 3eb8e98002...jenkins-ci22 months
opnfv-7.1.0commit e4ad3e7cf3...Tomi Juvonen2 years
opnfv-7.0.1commit 9250be9b9f...Tomi Juvonen2 years
opnfv-7.0.0commit 3ddc2392b0...Tomi Juvonen2 years
opnfv-6.2.0commit 7fda374ace...jenkins-ci3 years
opnfv-6.1.0commit c91aa72e7d...Aric Gardner3 years
opnfv-6.0.0commit cd500723c3...Trevor Bramwell3 years
opnfv-5.0.0commit 55ad897310...Ryota MIBU3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2016-02-20test: add nova_force_down clientbrahmaputra.1.0Ryota MIBU3-2/+72
2016-02-20test: fix bugs (ssh args and force-down in cleanup)Ryota MIBU2-2/+47
2016-02-19test: fix bugs (scp -l and trap ERR)Ryota MIBU1-11/+7
2016-02-19test: fix bug: missing installer_ip in scp argsRyota MIBU1-1/+2
2016-02-18test: fix DNS issue in test scenarioRyota MIBU1-6/+17
2016-02-12tests: enable doctor test scenario with fixesRyota MIBU2-12/+49
2016-02-09docs: fix filenameRyota MIBU1-0/+0
2016-02-08tests: collect infra IPsRyota MIBU1-18/+33
2016-02-08docs: fix filename and test4compositeRyota MIBU6-5/+20
2016-02-08Add license header to RST filesIldiko Vancsa21-1/+87