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[docs] fix link in danube release notesdanube.3.0danube.2.0danube.1.0stable/danube
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--- a/docs/release/release-notes/releasenotes.rst
+++ b/docs/release/release-notes/releasenotes.rst
@@ -79,7 +79,7 @@ OPNFV installer support matrix
In the Brahmaputra release, only one installer (Apex) supported the deployment
-of the basic doctor framework by configuring Doctor features. In the Danube
+of the basic Doctor framework by configuring Doctor features. In the Danube
release, integration of Doctor features progressed in other OPNFV installers.
@@ -152,7 +152,7 @@ Known issues
* Congress Nova driver is relying on deprecated Nova APIs and can lead to
an error (`BUG#1670345`_). The workaround for this issue is to specify nova
micro version to 2.34 . Apex is using this workaround for OpenStack Newton
- (`_REVIEW#29463`_).
+ (`REVIEW#29463`_).
.. _DOCTOR-80:
.. _BUG#1670345: