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authorAlexandru Avadanii <Alexandru.Avadanii@enea.com>2016-06-09 21:44:07 +0200
committerAlexandru Avadanii <Alexandru.Avadanii@enea.com>2016-06-12 11:26:52 +0000
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Rework: Move fuel-astute patch to post-install.
IMPORTANT: Drop `fuel-astute` submodule, and patch it instead during the Fuel Master node bootstrapping process, using an OPNFV post.d script. Luckily, this fits well with the recently added script that prepares FM for cross-building. One step closer to un-forking. Change-Id: Ia612e0ad4077b16baf54f1b9ebf9d207daca0be4 Signed-off-by: Alexandru Avadanii <Alexandru.Avadanii@enea.com>
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diff --git a/.gitmodules b/.gitmodules
index 0023639..6275a1b 100644
--- a/.gitmodules
+++ b/.gitmodules
@@ -30,7 +30,3 @@
path = upstream/fuel-nailgun-agent
url = https://github.com/openstack/fuel-nailgun-agent
branch = stable/mitaka
-[submodule "fuel-astute"]
- path = upstream/fuel-astute
- url = https://github.com/openstack/fuel-astute.git
- branch = stable/mitaka