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post-scripts: Enable systemd-binfmt for first boot.
ARMBAND NOTE(S): - This is a bug fix + a new feature (arch list in a file on FM) - This is overengineered because: * we want to move patching to post-ISO creation, OPNFV style; * easier integration with Fuel@OPNFV, using post-install scripts; * prepare for true multiarch support on Fuel Master; IMPORTANT: This commit introduces the following file on Fuel Master, containing the list of arch supported for target nodes: </etc/fuel_openstack_arch>. This file is created AFTER pre.d OPNFV scripts are ran, also by bootstrap_admin_node.sh, BEFORE the post.d scripts are executed. NOTE: Arch format is the same used by dpkg (e.g.: "amd64 arm64") Based on the number of foreign architectures we should support (the list of archs in /etc/fuel_openstack_arch minus native arch), we determine whether cross-builds are expected, in which case binfmt support should be functional during first Fuel Master boot. Since systemd-binfmt service has a series of preconditions for starting, which are tested early during first boot, some of them are NOT YET true (e.g. no binfmt handlers are present before qemu-user-static package is installed), so the service is not automatically started. Of course, this only affects the first boot. Finally, this commit adds an OPNFV post-install script in /opt/opnfv/bootstrap/post.d, which starts systemd-binfmt service. Change-Id: I6dbe4b3ac5a2fd076881d6778ff66b82bb6c7379 Signed-off-by: Alexandru Avadanii <Alexandru.Avadanii@enea.com>
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