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Doc for Xreview by other test projects
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Document Version Changes
-This is the third tracked version of the Yardstick framework in OPNFV.
+This is the first tracked version of the Yardstick framework in OPNFV.
It includes the following documentation updates:
-- Yardstick User Guide: corrected faulty links
+- Yardstick User Guide: added yardstick plugin chapter; added Store Other
+Project's Test Results in InfluxDB chapter; Refine yardstick instantion chapter.
- Yardstick Code Documentation: no changes
@@ -483,17 +484,6 @@ It includes the following documentation updates:
- Test Results report for Colorado testing with Yardstick: updated listed of
verified scenarios and limitations
-Documentation updates on the second tracked version:
-- Yardstick User Guide: added software architecture chapter
-- Yardstick Code Documentation: no changes
-- Yardstick Release Notes for Yardstick: this document
-- Test Results report for Brahmaputra testing with Yardstick: added test cases
-and results for virtual Traffic Classifier
Reason for Version
@@ -509,7 +499,10 @@ Corrected Faults
Known Issues/Faults
-* TODO *
+ - IPv6 support
+ - Boot up VM failed in joid-os-nosdn-lxd-ha and joid-os-nosdn-lxd-noha scenarios
+ - Yardstick CI job timeout in fuel-os-onos-nofeature-ha scenario
.. note:: The faults not related to *Yardstick* framework, addressing scenarios
which were not fully verified, are listed in the OPNFV installer's release