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update INFO and LICENSE
This patch removes the extra space, and change the 'Copyright 2015' to 'Copyright 2017'. Change-Id: I179b98205c2cb6d1dd072a9bf69653ed9d6cbefc Signed-off-by: Qiaowei Ren <>
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@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ Primary Contact: Shane Wang, Intel
Project Lead: Shane Wang, Intel
Jira Project Name: Storage For NFV
Jira Project Prefix: [STOR4NFV]
-mailing list tag [Should match Jira Project Prefix]
+mailing list tag [Should match Jira Project Prefix]
Repository: stor4nfv
@@ -17,10 +17,10 @@ Xiaoyan Li (
Yuan Liu (
Qiaowei Ren (
Haomai Wang (
-Leon Wang (
+Leon Wang (
Holloway He (
Kexue Luo (
Xingguo Xie (
Link to TSC approval:
-Link to approval of additional submitters:
+Link to approval of additional submitters: