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@@ -6,10 +6,15 @@ Configuring SDNVPN features
Fuel installer configuration
-<Niko: explain which settings have to / can be chosen in Fuel to get SDN VPN
-Feature configuration
+In order to install the BGPVPN feature, the corresponding checkbox in Fuel has to be
+selected. This will trigger installation of the OpenStack BGPVPN API extension for
+Neutron (set up for using the ODL driver).
+In addition, ODL has to be installed, see the corresponding section on how to
+install ODL. If the BGPVPN feature is installed, ODL will automatically be installed
+with VPN Service karaf feature activated.
No post-deploy configuration is necessary. The Fuel BGPVPN plugin and the ODL
plugin should set up the cluster in a way that it is ready for BGPVPNs being
created. This includes the set-up of internal VxLAN transport tunnels between
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@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ Currently, in OPNFV only ODL is supported as a backend for BGPVPN. API calls are
mapped onto the ODL VPN Service REST API through the BGPVPN ODL driver and the
ODL Neutron Northbound module.
-<Feature and API usage guidelines and example>
+Feature and API usage guidelines and example
For the details of using OpenStack BGPVPN API, please refer to the documentation