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Resync testcase description
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OVS re-connects.
The new groups should be still there, as the topology remains.
Opendaylight Carbon’ group_add_mod mechanism should handle the already existing group.
+ Testcase 12: Test Resync mechanism between Opendaylight and OVS
+ This is the testcase to validate flows and groups are programmed correctly
+ after resync which is triggered by OVS del-controller/set-controller commands
+ and adding/remove iptables drop rule on OF port 6653.
+ Sub-testcase 12-1:
+ Create and start 2 VMs, connected to a common Network
+ New flows and groups were added to OVS
+ Reconnect the OVS by running del-ontroller and set-controller commands
+ The flows and groups are still intact and none of the flows/groups
+ are removed
+ Reconnect the OVS by adding ip tables drop rule and then remove it
+ The flows and groups are still intact and none of the flows/groups
+ are removed