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.. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
-.. (c) <optionally add copywriters name>
+.. (c) Tim Irnich ( and Nikolas Hermanns (
@@ -25,7 +25,8 @@ Scenario components and composition
.. to communicate to the user the capabilities available in this scenario.
The SDN VPN feature enhances OPNFV's baseline OpenStack deployment with the
-possibility to configure BGP based VPNs according to the OpenStack Neutron
+possibility to configure BGP based VPNs using the Neutron API extension and service plugin
+provided by the OpenStack Neutron
Stadium project BGPVPN. The BGPVPN project consists of a Neutron API extension and a
service plugin which has a driver framework similar to the ML2 plugin. BGPVPN today
has a quite large number of backend drivers (Bagpipe, OpenContrail,
@@ -40,23 +41,6 @@ It uses an internal mesh of VxLAN tunnels to interconnect the vSwitches on the d
center compute nodes. For the purpose of BGP based route exchange with other BGP speakers the ODL
controller makes use of Quagga BGP as an external BGP speaker.
- <To be completed, this outlines the basic content and flow>
- Description of bgpvpn scenarios
- Description of the internal transport tunnel mesh
- Install Neutron BGPVPN additions (networking-bgpvpn)
- Neutron odl additions (networking-odl)
- install and configure Quagga (incl. config on ODL side)
- configure OVS to connect to ODL and set up the right bridges (network architecture)
- set up iptables to allow connections between OVS and ODL
- set up HA proxy so that ODL can be reached
- <Where applicable and without copying the installation procedure in the install guides>
- Describe Neutron BGPVPN additions (networking-bgpvpn)
- Neutron odl additions (networking-odl)
- Usage and the role of Quagga (incl. config on ODL side)
- OVS and ODL specifics around setting up the right bridges (network architecture)
- "" iptables to allow connections between OVS and ODL
- "" HA proxy so that ODL can be reached
Scenario usage overview
@@ -102,7 +86,7 @@ Currently, in OPNFV only ODL is supported as a backend for BGPVPN. API calls are
mapped onto the ODL VPN Service REST API through the BGPVPN ODL driver and the
ODL Neutron Northbound module.
-No DPDK-enabled vhost user ports
+No DPDK-enabled vhost user ports are supported.
Integration with data center gateway will not work due to missing OVS patches for MPLSoGRE.