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2018-12-20[IDF] intel-pod18 private vlan rangeMartin Klozik1-1/+1
Change private network vlan definition from "native" to specific vlan range. In case of "native", fuel installation fails to correctly define IP for br-mesh interface. As a result neutron ovs agent doesn't work, ports can't be created and VMs can't start up. Change-Id: I5792ced38339ff1a56b8ea4e9f3f37ecfb861bf5 Signed-off-by: Martin Klozik <>
2018-11-21intel-pod18: add fuel supportYour Name2-18/+75
Adding support for fuel installation on intel-pod18 Change-Id: Ieaad34fd2c0aa96f9aa1f48f403c46cd890437eb Signed-off-by: Paul Vaduva <>
2018-08-17Add mask to the oob networksManuel Buil1-0/+1
It is not needed but it helps a lot to the xci parser Change-Id: I6943b21cd2aca2036783430cde03fb8d3b567f3b Signed-off-by: Manuel Buil <>
2018-04-12JOID PDF-IDF support for intel-pod18agardner2-47/+84
More info in gerrit comments. Remove joid from all other idfs other than intel/pod18 add installer: ['apex', 'compass4nfv', 'daisy', 'fuel'] where missing Change-Id: I2afc415599070e210736c5fc304f7cb150f05029 Signed-off-by: agardner <>
2018-01-28[fuel] Explicitly blacklist incompatible labsAlexandru Avadanii1-0/+12
Previously, we used to silently refuse to construct 'pod_config' for PODs missing mandatory PDF/IDF configuration; and instead generated an empty output YAML. Retire safety checks in Fuel IA and explicitly blacklist Fuel via new 'idf.installer' where appropiate. The following PODs do not yet support Fuel due to missing 'idf.fuel': - ericsson-pod2 - huawei-pod1 - intel-pod18 - nokia-pod1 - zte-pod2 - zte-pod3 Change-Id: Ief62d62f99a79187303e3f15b83030289e5efdcb Signed-off-by: Alexandru Avadanii <>
2018-01-23intel-pod18: Fix typo in MAC addressAlexandru Avadanii1-3/+3
While at it, add dummy user/pass IPMI credentials, so we can pass schema validation. Change-Id: I3538f5aee21731e46fe0d831d164961c33118e2e Signed-off-by: Alexandru Avadanii <>
2018-01-22[PDF] [SPEC] Add 'version: 1.0'Alexandru Avadanii1-0/+1
- add 'version: 1.0' to PDF spec; - add 'version: 1.0' to all existing lab PDFs; - extend schema with new property; - add workaround for value-based decision-making in schema version selection via ``; - add support for multiple schema versions; - add versions for all schema blocks defined so far; - fix PDF schema pattern for disk size decimals (e.g. '1.8T'); Change-Id: Ie8f768803ec19f1f9a7982fe5ca59df80764fc4a Signed-off-by: Alexandru Avadanii <>
2018-01-14[PDF] intel-pod*: Fix spec deviationsAlexandru Avadanii1-5/+5
- rename interface name key from 'nic' to 'name'; - disk_rotation: 0 for SSD drives; - details: change type to 'production' (typo?); Change-Id: I069c0fbe774f7c92acba90d434e384733264358d Signed-off-by: Alexandru Avadanii <>
2017-12-01Moving all pdfs to pharos repoagardner1-0/+294
Inline encrytion of yaml files allows us to make away with securedlab's restrictions Going forward, anyone will be able to see Lab PDFs See: If you are the reviewer on this changeset it is becasue git blamed showed you to be the author of the pdf in this review. Encrypting ipmi password is optional. I have scrubbed the password from this change. If you do not need the password to be hidden, please let me know in the comment, and I will put it back. If you do need the password hidden, please follow the readme above and ammend this patch to include the encrypted value that you create on your pods jumphost. Change-Id: Ie3e935e7e9250a387858c29eb77c3c06b4fe3f57 Signed-off-by: agardner <>