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2016-08-22Migration ZTE NJ LAB from Nanjing to ShanghaiJulien7-457/+0
1. Migration ZTE POD1 and POD2 in Nanjing testlab into Shanghai. Update releated documents. 2. Update lab topology. 3. Separate Deploy Server from Jump Host. JIRA: PHAROS-245 JIRA: PHAROS-246 Change-Id: Ib567b564dec92c2bba780d4bd7af89c13fe5315e Signed-off-by: Julien <>
2016-08-22Update according DOCSJulien1-0/+0
Each path use a index.rst file to include all the rst files: 1). Add missing index.rst 2). Rename some file to index.rst 3). Ude a index.rst to include all the community labs(currently all the labs are at the top level) Change-Id: I9bb6903328a8d445121982dd662df9eeceb23ff5 Signed-off-by: Julien <>
2016-08-09Add zte-pod2 info in documents100139688-135/+362
Update the documents structure to describe 2 PODs in ZTE NJ Pharos Lab: Update the template; Update zte-pod1 informaton; Add zte-pod2 information; Add zte-nj.rst into index.rst JIRA: PHAROS-235 Change-Id: Ib06e2d0c247a260e4c64909b90d2b33b32bc9dc6 Signed-off-by: Julien-zte <> Signed-off-by: wu.zhihui <>
2016-07-27Merge "Add pod description and topology graph of ZTE testlab."Daniel Smith2-0/+114
2016-05-27Create lab-description.rst file of zte pod.zhifeng.jiang1-0/+67
Change-Id: I068262b3fc563934975c6df2214f7c14de3a8a77 JIRA: PHAROS-162 Signed-off-by: zhifeng.jiang <>
2016-05-13Add pod description and topology graph of ZTE testlab.wu.zhihui2-0/+114
JIRA: PHAROS-163 Change-Id: I7f13b6aa62096dc1112744b96f5e291f838c4aee Signed-off-by: wu.zhihui <>
2016-04-29JIRA: PHAROS-161zhifeng.jiang1-0/+49
Add zte nj pod inventory file. Change-Id: I24d3e9ef45732955260e1fadc8190d1b894b19fa Signed-off-by: zhifeng.jiang <>