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2016-01-28Removed old lab description template and replaced with new template.Trevor Cooper4-128/+0
Updates for ... 1) Lab description 2) POD description 3) Examples of lab tolpology and POD topology diagrams. These files were created using ideas from existing lab/POD descriptions and lab experience for rls B. (cp) provided some tidying up and random spelling fixes for the toolchain. Change-Id: I72a34be9e1c1509fd310b43562bf6d5aa1c459e7 Signed-off-by: Trevor Cooper <>
2016-01-15Huawei (Santa Clara) OPNFV lab descriptionm001331424-0/+128
JIRA: PHAROS-71 Change-Id: I06c75e2b7aa5eac5930f731458db451260491427 Signed-off-by: m00133142 <>