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+.. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
+.. (c) 2016 OPNFV.
+.. Overview of OPNFV lab infrastructure (Pharos).
+OPNFV Lab Infrastructure
+The `Pharos Project <>`_ provides a lab infrastructure that is geographically
+and technically diverse. Labs instantiate **bare-metal** and **virtual** environments that are accessed remotely by the
+community and used for OPNFV platform and feature development, builds, deploys and testing. This will greatly assist
+in developing a highly robust and stable OPNFV platform with well understood performance characteristics. Community
+labs are hosted by OPNFV member companies on a voluntary basis. The Linux Foundation also hosts an OPNFV lab that
+provides centralised CI and other production resources which are linked to community labs.
+Future lab capabilities will include the ability easily automate deploy and test of any OPNFV install scenario in any
+lab environemnt as well as a *Virtual Lab* for developer on-boarding with minimal effort. :ref:`pharos_master` documents
+are included with this release.