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.. (c) 2016 OPNFV.
+Lab Setup Guide
-Pharos Lab Configuration Guide
+Provides an overview for setting up a Pharos lab. A full set of
+:ref:`pharos_master` documents are maintained in the *pharos* repo.
-This section provides an overview for Pharos lab setup and operation. The tasks and expectations for configuring a
-Pharos compliant lab are explained along with reference to relavant Pharos documents.
+Contributing to the Pharos Community
-Overview of Community Lab Expectations
+The development, test and production activities rely on Pharos resources and support from the Pharos community. Lab
+owners and Pharos project committers/contributors will evolve the vision for Pharos as well as expand lab capabilities
+that are needed to help OPNFV be highly successful.
-* Designated lab owners and project committers participate in the Pharos community (discussions, meetings, ...)
-* Jira is used to track activities including lab operations (requests and support)
-* Production resources are connected to Jenkins and available 24/7 (other than scheduled maintenance and troubleshooting)
-* Lab resources are declared as either:
+* Jira is used to track Pharos activities including lab operations
+* PODs are connected to Jenkins and generally available 24/7 other than scheduled maintenance and troubleshooting
+* Lab resources are declared as either for *Development (bare-metal or virtual)*, *Production latest (bare-metal)* or *Production stable (bare-metal)*
- * Development (bare-metal or virtual)
- * Production - latest (bare-metal)
- * Production - stable (bare-metal)
+Declaring a Pharos Lab
-On-boarding Steps
+* Provide the Pharos community with details of the intended setup, including ...
-* Provide Pharos community with details of intended setup, including ...
+ * Overview of resources are being offered to the community, intended purpose and known limitations
+ * Lab owner name with contacts
+ * Timelines for availablity for development, test, release production, ...
- * Resources being offered
- * Lab owner name / contacts
- * Timelines for availablity for development and use in upcomming releases
+* Update the Pharos Wiki with lab details
-* Update Pharos Wiki
- * Lab with location, owner
+ * Lab map, organization, contacts, status, location, resources, role, etc.
+ *
+ * :ref:`pharos_wiki`
-* Create and fill *New Lab* Wiki pages
+* Update the Pharos project information file "Current Labs"
- * Access policies
- * Usage guidelines for developers
- * Fill Lab and POD templates
- * POD allocations (updated as PODs are assigned or revoked)
- * Lab documentation with security sensitive infomation can be stored in the Pharos secure repo (will be available soon)
-* Network Information
-* Update Pharos infomation file i.e. pharos.rst
-* labupdateguide.rst ... how to update Pharos Wiki start page; how to update map info
-* Connect to CI
-Jump Server Install
+ * :ref:`pharos_information`
-* jumpserverinstall.rst
-Lab Documentation
-* Pharos Wiki page
-* Map Info
+* Create new Wiki pages for lab and POD specific information
+ * Access procedures
+ * Usage guidelines for developers
+ * Update infomtation as PODs are re-assigned or usage/availability changes
+* Fill Lab and POD templates ... :ref:`pharos_lab` ... :ref:`pharos_pod`
-Revision: _sha1_
+ * Note that security sensitive lab information should be stored in the secure Pharos repo
-Build date: |today|
+* Connect PODs to Jenkins/CI