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[PDF] Fix yamllint issues in installer adapters
Although current YAML files in Pharos are all valid according to yamllint, the resulting YAMLs after PDF/IDF + IA interpolations still have a lot of violations, which need to be addressed. PDF changes: - bii/pod1: + fix typo in disks_A reference; IDF changes: - replace empty strings with `~` keyword (will be expanded to 'None'); IA (installer adapter) changes: - apex: + add missing document start; - compass4nfv: + too few spaces before comment; + missing starting space in comment; + replace '\t' with spaces; - daisy: + None; - fuel: + check conf.idf is defined first (fix parse for PODs without IDF); + move document start outside conf.idf condition - joid: + None; This is not an exhaustive change, some yamllint issues are still there but require either refactoring IAs or changing the PDF/IDF files in a way that needs the respective maintainer's input. Change-Id: I26743e265217e892b6a94de96a016c295ea24fb5 Signed-off-by: Alexandru Avadanii <>
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diff --git a/labs/ericsson/idf-pod1.yaml b/labs/ericsson/idf-pod1.yaml
index 14f74d41..9b4a98d4 100644
--- a/labs/ericsson/idf-pod1.yaml
+++ b/labs/ericsson/idf-pod1.yaml
@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ idf:
admin: 'pxebr'
mgmt: 'br-mgmt'
- private: ''
+ private: ~
public: 'br-external'