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[IDF] Add optional 'idf.installer' array
There is no easy way to determine automatically if a PDF/IDF set is compatible with a specific installer adapter. Most common incompatibilities are caused by: - installer adapters hardcode more network ports than nodes have defined in PDF; - installer adapters hardcode more nodes than PDF defines; Previous attempt at handling this dynamically (cd54edf) fails for recently added PODs, so let's handle this explicitly per-pod via a new optional IDF property, 'idf.installer'. If 'idf.installer' is defined, it will be used by `` as a filter-in list of installer adapters to check against. The default (no 'idf.installer' present) is to check all IAs. Leverage the new property for: - arm-pod5: not enough network ports on computes for Compass, Joid; - arm-pod7: same as arm-pod5; - bii-pod1: no 'storage' network defined in IDF for Daisy; - zte-pod9: 3 cluster nodes are only supported by Daisy for now; SPEC changes: - net_config (previously mandatory for IDF version '0.1') is now mandatory only if 'idf.fuel' or 'idf.daisy' is defined; Fixes: cd54edf Change-Id: I706c05519e5491ad631069d7cc090e9c8bfd3011 Signed-off-by: Alexandru Avadanii <>
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diff --git a/labs/bii/idf-pod1.yaml b/labs/bii/idf-pod1.yaml
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--- a/labs/bii/idf-pod1.yaml
+++ b/labs/bii/idf-pod1.yaml
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version: 0.1
+ # NOTE: Temporarily disable Daisy check, since it requires 'storage' network
+ # to be defined in 'idf.net_config' below.
+ installer: ['apex', 'compass4nfv', 'fuel', 'joid']
oob: # IPMI management network
interface: 0