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+**Jump Server Configuration:**
+(Rough Placeholder, edit me)
+1. Obtain CentOS 7 Minimal ISO and install
+ ``wget``
+2. Set parameters appropriate for your environment during installation
+3. Disable NetworkManager
+ ``systemctl disable NetworkManager``
+4. Configure your /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-* files for your network
+5. Restart networking
+ ``service network restart``
+6. Edit /etc/resolv.conf and add a nameserver
+ ``vi /etc/resolv.conf``
+7. Install libvirt & kvm
+ ``yum -y update``
+ ``yum -y install kvm qemu-kvm libvirt``
+ ``systemctl enable libvirtd``
+8. Reboot:
+ ``shutdown -r now``
+9. If you wish to avoid annoying delay when use ssh to log in, disable DNS lookups:
+ ``vi /etc/ssh/sshd_config``
+ Uncomment "UseDNS yes", change 'yes' to 'no'.
+ Save
+10. Restart sshd
+ ``systemctl restart sshd``
+11. Install virt-install
+ ``yum -y install virt-install``
+12. Visit and D/L the OPNFV Fuel ISO
+13. Create a bridge using the interface on the PXE network, for example: br0
+14. Make a directory owned by qemu:
+ ``mkdir /home/qemu; mkdir -p /home/qemu/VMs/fuel-6.0/disk``
+ ``chown -R qemu:qemu /home/qemu``
+15. Copy the ISO to /home/qemu
+ ``cd /home/qemu``
+ ``virt-install -n opnfv-2015-05-22_18-34-07-fuel -r 4096 --vcpus=4 --cpuset=0-3 -c opnfv-2015-05-22_18-34-07.iso --os-type=linux --os-variant=rhel6 --boot hd,cdrom --disk path=/home/qemu/VMs/mirantis-fuel-6.0/disk/fuel-vhd0.qcow2,bus=virtio,size=50,format=qcow2 -w bridge=br0,model=virtio --graphics vnc,listen=``
+16. Temporarily flush the firewall rules to make things easier:
+ ``iptables -F``
+17. Connect to the console of the installing VM with your favorite VNC client.
+18. Change the IP settings to match the pod, use an IP in the PXE/Admin network for the Fuel Master
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@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ Pharos Specification
Objectives / Scope
-Pharos spec defines the OPNFV test environment (in which OPNFV platform can be deployed and tested …
+Pharos spec defines the OPNFV test environment (in which OPNFV platform can be deployed and tested).
- Provides a secure, scalable, standard and HA environment
- Supports full deployment lifecycle (this requires a bare metal environment)
@@ -12,21 +12,21 @@ Pharos spec defines the OPNFV test environment (in which OPNFV platform can be d
- Provides common tooling and test scenarios (including test cases and workloads) available to the community
- Provides mechanisms and procedures for secure remote access to the test environment
-Virtualized environments will be useful but do not provide a fully featured deployment/test capability
+Virtualized environments will be useful but do not provide a fully featured deployment/test capability.
-The high level architecture may be summarized as follow:
+The high level architecture may be summarized as follows:
.. image:: images/pharos-archi1.jpg
Constraints of a Pharos compliant OPNFV test-bed environment
-- One jump (provisioning server) in which the installer runs in a VM
-- 2 - 5 compute / controller nodes
-- Jump server provisioned with CentOS7
-- Installer (e.g. Foreman) runs its own DHCP server therefore management network should not have DHCP server
+- One CentOS 7 Jump Server on which the virtualized Openstack/OPNFV installer runs
+- Desired installer - may be Fuel, Foreman, Juju, etc
+- 2 - 5 compute / controller nodes (`BGS <>`_ requires 5 nodes)
+- Network topology allowing for LOM, Admin, Public, Private, and Storage Networks
- Remote access
-- A lights-out network is required for remote management and bare metal provisioning capability
+- Test Tools
Target Systems State
@@ -47,14 +47,16 @@ Hardware
-* Intel Xeon E5-2600 (IvyBridge at least, or similar)
+* Intel Xeon E5-2600v2 Series (Ivy Bridge and newer, or similar)
-Local Storage:
+Local Storage Configuration:
-* Disks: 4 x 500G-2T + 1 x 300GB SSD (leave some room for experiments)
-* First 2 disks should be combined to form a 1 TB virtual store for the OS/Software etc
-* Remaining should be combined to form a virtual disk for CEPH storage
-* The 5'th disk (SSD) for distributed storage (CEPH) journal towards SSD technology.
+Below describes the minimum for the Pharos spec, which is designed to provide enough capacity for a reasonably functional environment. Additional and/or faster disks are nice to have and may produce a better result.
+* Disks: 2 x 1TB + 1 x 100GB SSD
+* The first 1TB HDD should be used for OS & additional software/tool installation
+* The second 1TB HDD configured for CEPH object storage
+* Finally, the 100GB SSD should be used as the CEPH journal
* Performance testing requires a mix of compute nodes that have CEPH(swift+Cinder) and without CEPH storage
* Virtual ISO boot capabilities or a separate PXE boot server (DHCP/tftp or Cobbler)
@@ -68,16 +70,18 @@ Power Supply Single
-Pre-provisioning Jump Server
+Jump Server Installation
-* OS - CentOS7
+* OS: CentOS 7
* KVM / Qemu
* Installer (Foreman, Fuel, ...) in a VM
-* Collaboration Tools
+* Tools
+See `Jump Server Installation <>`_ for detailed Jump Server installation details.
Test Tools
-Jumphost - `functest <>`_
+Jump Server - `functest <>`_
Controller nodes - bare metal
@@ -230,5 +234,3 @@ Download the visio zip file here: ` <https://w
.. image:: images/opnfv-example-lab-diagram.png
FYI: `Here <>` is what the OpenDaylight lab wiki pages look like.