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@@ -4,15 +4,16 @@ Pharos Specification
Objectives / Scope
-Pharos spec defines the OPNFV test environment (in which OPNFV platform can be deployed and tested).
+Pharos defines the state of the deployment environment (i.e. pre-deployment state). While it defines the state of the environment it does not define the implementation of a test infrastructure. This guarantees that the OPNFV platform will sucessfully deploy and can be tested using the the automated toolchain.
+A Pharos compliant lab ...
- Provides a secure, scalable, standard and HA environment
- Supports full deployment lifecycle (this requires a bare metal environment)
- Supports functional and performance testing
- Provides common tooling and test scenarios (including test cases and workloads) available to the community
- Provides mechanisms and procedures for secure remote access to the test environment
-Virtualized environments will be useful but do not provide a fully featured deployment/test capability.
+Virtualized environments will be useful for development but do not provide a fully featured deployment/test capability.
The high level architecture may be summarized as follows:
@@ -22,9 +23,9 @@ Constraints of a Pharos compliant OPNFV test-bed environment
- One CentOS 7 Jump Server on which the virtualized Openstack/OPNFV installer runs
-- Desired installer - may be Fuel, Foreman, Juju, etc
+- Desired installer - may be Fuel, Foreman, etc
- 2 - 5 compute / controller nodes (`BGS <>`_ requires 5 nodes)
-- Network topology allowing for LOM, Admin, Public, Private, and Storage Networks
+- Network topology allowing for Lights-out management, Admin, Public, Private, and Storage Networks
- Remote access
- Test Tools
@@ -34,9 +35,9 @@ Target Systems State
- Target system state includes default software components, network configuration, storage requirements ` <>`
-Rls 1 specification is modeled from Arno
+Rls 1 specification is modeled on setups used for integration/deployment with Fuel and Foreman ...
-* First draft of environment for BGS
+* Draft of environment for BGS
* Fuel environment
* Foreman environment
@@ -177,14 +178,9 @@ Network Interfaces
* 2 x 10G for control plane connectivity/Storage
* 2 x 40G (or 10G) for data network
-Storage Network
-- Needs specification
** Topology **
-- Subnet, VLANs (want to standardize but may be constrained by existing lab setups or rules)
+- Subnet, VLANs (may be constrained by existing lab setups or rules)
- IPs
- Types of NW - lights-out, public, private, admin, storage
- May be special NW requirements for performance related projects