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Fixes for Recent Merge
Jira: None In a recent large merge, some code was lost in translation. This commit fixes a missing line in requirements.txt and removes a couple lines in that lost relevance. Change-Id: I5ddf67fc1da6df40f84d60668cd59e6a1975912d Signed-off-by: Sawyer Bergeron <>
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diff --git a/dashboard/src/notifier/ b/dashboard/src/notifier/
index 64be2a5..c35fe2b 100644
--- a/dashboard/src/notifier/
+++ b/dashboard/src/notifier/
@@ -26,9 +26,8 @@ class DispatchHandler():
def email(instance):
if instance.msg_sent != 'no dispatcher by given name exists: sending by email':
instance.msg_sent = 'by email'
- send_mail(instance.title,instance.content +
- '\n\n This message pertains to the following resource: ' +
-,instance.sender,[instance.user.email_addr], fail_silently=False)
+ send_mail(instance.title,instance.content,
+ instance.sender,[instance.user.email_addr], fail_silently=False)
def webnotification(instance):
- instance.msg_sent='by web notification'
+ instance.msg_sent='by web notification' \ No newline at end of file