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Development Override Compose File
Now that images are built and hosted for the dashboard and worker container the compose file can reference upstream images instead of ones locally built. A second compose file is added which overrides compose configuration so that images are built locally. Initial commands for running the container are moved into '' which gets copied into the image, since the current images cannot be ran by themselves as they require the command listed in the compose file. The compose version bumped from 2 to 3 as there are no version 2 specific features being used that need to be modified. Change-Id: I23813a859a676ba009cba8f5a62b7153da006eef Signed-off-by: Trevor Bramwell <>
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The dashboard is deployed using docker-compose.
-Application / database files are saved in /var/lib/pharos_dashboard/.
+Application / database files are saved in the 'pharos-data' container
+which needs to be pre-built before bringing up the dashboard.
- clone the repository
- complete the config.env.sample file and save it as config.env
-- install docker, docker-compose and bower
-- run 'bower install' in ./src/static/ to fetch javascript dependencies
-- run 'make build' to build the containers
+- install docker, docker-compose
- run 'make data'
- run 'make up' to run the dashboard
+- run 'docker-compose pull'
+- run 'docker-compose up -d'
- make stop
- git pull
-- run 'bower install' if javascript dependencies changed
- make build
- make start
@@ -34,3 +35,9 @@ If there is migrations that need user input (like renaming a field), they need t
Logs / Shell access:
- there is some shortcuts in the makefile
+- Install dependencies listed in 'Deployment'
+- run 'make build'
+- run 'make dev-up'