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+.. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International
+.. License.
+.. (c) Gergely Csatari (Nokia)
+OpenRetriever architecture options
+1 Architecture options to support only containers on bare metal
+To support containers on bare metal without the support of VM-s only a single
+VIM is needed.
+This architecture option is targeted by OpenRetriever in OPNFV Euphrates, and
+this architecture option is considered in the gap analyzis against
+:doc:`OpenStack <gap-analysis-openstack>` and
+:doc:`Kubernetes <gap-analysis-kubernetes-v1.5>`.
+Examples: Kubernetes, OpenStack with Zun_ and Kuryr_, which as a side effect
+also supports VM-s.
+2 Architecture options to support containers and VM-s
+There are different architecture options to support container based and VM based
+VNF-s in OPNFV. This section provides a list of these options with a brief
+description and examples.
+In the descriptions providing the same API means, that the same set of API-s are
+used (like the OpenStack_ API-s or the Kubernetes_ API), integrted networks mean,
+that the network connections of the workloads can be connected without leaving
+the domain of the VIM and shared hardware resources mean that it is possible to
+start a workload VM and a workload container on the same physical host.
+2.1 Separate VIM-s
+There is a separate VIM for VM-s and a separate for containers, they use
+different hardware pools, they provide different API-s and their networks are
+not integrated.
+Examples: A separate OpenStack instance for the VM-s and a separate Kubernetes_
+instance for the containers.
+2.2 Single VIM
+One VIM supports both VM-s and containers using the same hardware pool, with
+the same API and with integrated networking solution.
+Examples: OpenStack with Zun_ and Kuryr_ or Kubernetes_ with Kubevirt_, Virtlet_ or
+2.3 Combined VIM-s
+There are two VIM-s from API perspective, but usually the VIM-s share hardware
+pools on some level. This option have suboptions.
+2.3.1 Container VIM on VM VIM
+A container VIM is deployed on top of resources managed by a VM VIM, they share
+the same hardware pool, but they have separate domains in the pool, they provide
+separate API-s and there are possibilities to integrate their networks.
+Example: A Kubernetes_ is deployed into VM-s or bare metal hosts into an
+OpenStack deployment optionally with Magnum. Kuryr_ integrates the networks on
+some level.
+2.3.2 VM VIM on Container VIM
+A VM VIM is deployed on top of resources managed by a container VIM, they do not
+share the same hardware pool, provide different API and do not have integrated
+Example: `Kolla Kubernetes <>`_ or
+`OpenStack Helm <>`_.
+.. _Kubernetes:
+.. _Kubevirt:
+.. _Kuryr:
+.. _OpenStack:
+.. _Virtlet:
+.. _Zun:
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