AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2019-12-02NFVBENCH-155 Add options to disable extra stats, latency stats and latency st...PY27_BASE3.7.0py27Pierrick Louin7-8/+111
2019-11-26NFVBENCH-156 Add management interface and ssh config in NFVBench imagefmenguy9-27/+240
2019-11-21Update readme rls notesahothan1-0/+9
2019-10-23NFVBENCH-152 Add service_mode method for debugging purposeLouin Pierrick7-5/+112
2019-10-23Merge "Add support for VXLAN latency"Alec Hothan2-10/+10
2019-10-21NFVBENCH-146 Add cache_size optionPierrick Louin6-13/+37
2019-10-21Add support for VXLAN latencyMichael Pedersen2-10/+10
2019-09-10[NFVBENCH-151] Allocate hugepages on two NUMAs in nfvbenchvm3.6.1Yichen Wang3-3/+3
2019-08-27NFVBENCH-149 Negative latency exception during NDR/PDR search3.6.0ahothan1-1/+1
2019-08-23[NFVBENCH-148] Increase the waiting time based on # of instancesYichen Wang1-1/+2
2019-08-22Update release notes and readmeahothan2-16/+66
2019-08-11NFVBENCH-147 Incorrect URL used for admin check in credentials3.5.1ahothan1-6/+13
2019-08-04Release the validation check for VxLAN networksYichen Wang1-2/+1
2019-07-16NFVBENCH-145 Config file not found. No explicit errorfmenguy1-0/+6
2019-07-15NFVBENCH-144 Trex cannot take account NFVBench config (platform thread id 0)fmenguy1-3/+9
2019-07-13NFVBENCH-140 Retrieve High Dynamic Range latency histograms with TRex v2.593.5.0ahothan6-4/+13
2019-07-13NFVBENCH-143 Trex cannot start due to invalid config (platform None)ahothan1-23/+24
2019-07-05NFVBENCH-141 Fix Openstack user admin role checkfmenguy1-15/+9
2019-07-01NFVBENCH-139 Fix master_thread_id and latency_thread_id property checkingfmenguy1-16/+15
2019-06-23NFVBENCH-95 Add HdrHistogram encodes returned by TRex to JSON resultsahothan4-1/+69
2019-06-22NFVBENCH-138 Use yaml.safe_load() instead of unsafe yaml load3.4.2ahothan4-4/+4
2019-06-20[NFVBENCH-137] NFVbench generates wrong L4 checksums for VxLAN traffic3.4.1Yichen Wang1-4/+7
2019-06-08Update VM build3.4.0ahothan4-29/+85
2019-06-05Add L3 traffic management with Neutron routersFrançois-Régis MENGUY16-81/+641
2019-05-31Build and publish 0.8 VM image to google storageahothan4-1/+87
2019-05-29NFVBENCH-136 Add support for multiqueue for PVP/PVVP chains3.3.0ahothan9-13/+97
2019-05-24NFVBENCH-135 Enhance VxLAN UDP src port entropyahothan1-3/+12
2019-05-16NFVBENCH-134 Support multiple idle interfaces per test VMahothan5-69/+219
2019-04-18[NFVBENCH-133] Fix for tracebacks while uploading imagesYichen Wang1-1/+1
2019-04-15NFVBENCH-132 Upgrade to TRex v2.563.2.0ahothan2-8/+6
2019-04-14NFVBENCH-131 Allow list of arbitrary network names for EXT chainsahothan5-9/+51
2019-04-13NFVBENCH-130 Upgrade to TRex v2.54ahothan1-1/+7
2019-04-13Remove socketio from python clientahothan5-92/+7
2019-04-11[NFVBENCH-129] Fix regression to work on Keystone v2Yichen Wang1-2/+6
2019-04-08Add iproute2 module to avoid ip command not found issuefmenguy2-1/+2
2019-03-28Add possibility to restart TRex in case of config change or forced it with co...fmenguy6-31/+122
2019-03-19Remove inactive committersCristina Pauna1-4/+0
2019-03-17NFVBENCH-126 Remove socketio support (debt reduction)ahothan8-310/+278
2019-03-11VxLAN per-chain counter supportMichael Pedersen4-15/+50
2019-02-28NFVBENCH-124 Upgrade TRex to v2.533.1.0fmenguy5-60/+66
2019-02-27NFVBENCH-123 EXT chain does not work with VXLAN3.0.6ahothan3-13/+37
2019-02-24NFVBENCH-122 Allow config to have more dest MACs than chains requestedahothan1-2/+3
2019-02-18NFVBENCH-121 Add TRex parameters to tune performance and allocate ressourcesFrançois-Régis MENGUY5-4/+76
2019-01-10NFVBENCH-120 No admin support patch3.0.5fmenguy4-9/+125
2018-12-14Relax checking for vxlan network type.3.0.4ahothan4-20/+19
2018-12-08NFVBENCH-110 EXT shared network requires 2 vlans per chain in config3.0.3ahothan1-3/+12
2018-12-08NFVBENCH-119 cli option --vxlan not workingahothan1-10/+9
2018-12-07NFVBENCH-118 VxLAN fixed rate: Trex far end port Rx counters are incorrectahothan5-8/+53
2018-12-05NFVBENCH-117 Streamline VxLAN vni config and use auto-indexingahothan4-64/+13
2018-12-05NFVBENCH-116 Support segmentation_id field auto-indexing for multi-chainingahothan2-10/+50