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1 files changed, 21 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/behave_tests/features/steps/steps.py b/behave_tests/features/steps/steps.py
index a1d29ce..13a85e1 100644
--- a/behave_tests/features/steps/steps.py
+++ b/behave_tests/features/steps/steps.py
@@ -137,6 +137,21 @@ def add_percentage_rate(context, percentage_rate):
@when('NFVbench API is ready on host {host_ip}')
@when('NFVbench API is ready on host {host_ip} and port {port:d}')
def start_server(context, host_ip: Optional[str]=None, port: Optional[int]=None):
+ """Start nfvbench server if needed and wait until it is ready.
+ Quickly check whether nfvbench HTTP server is ready by reading the "/status"
+ page. If not, start the server locally. Then wait until nfvbench API is
+ ready by polling the "/status" page.
+ This code is useful when behave and nfvbench run on the same machine. In
+ particular, it is needed to run behave tests with nfvbench Docker container.
+ There is currently no way to prevent behave from starting automatically
+ nfvbench server when this is not desirable, for instance when behave is
+ started using ansible-role-nfvbench. The user or the orchestration layer
+ should make sure nfvbench API is ready before starting behave tests.
+ """
# NFVbench server host IP and port number have been setup from environment variables (see
# environment.py:before_all()). Here we allow to override them from feature files:
if host_ip is not None:
@@ -145,11 +160,14 @@ def start_server(context, host_ip: Optional[str]=None, port: Optional[int]=None)
context.port = port
nfvbench_test_url = "http://{ip}:{port}/status".format(ip=context.host_ip, port=context.port)
+ context.logger.info("start_server: test nfvbench API on URL: " + nfvbench_test_url)
# check if API is already available
except RequestException:
+ context.logger.info("nfvbench server not running")
cmd = ["nfvbench", "-c", context.data['config'], "--server"]
if context.host_ip != "":
@@ -158,9 +176,11 @@ def start_server(context, host_ip: Optional[str]=None, port: Optional[int]=None)
+ context.logger.info("Start nfvbench server with command: " + " ".join(cmd))
subprocess.Popen(cmd, stdout=DEVNULL, stderr=subprocess.STDOUT)
- context.logger.info("start_server: test nfvbench API: " + nfvbench_test_url)
+ # Wait until nfvbench API is ready