AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2018-04-30document update for Fraser release.opnfv-6.1.0stable/fraserNarinder Gupta20-123/+522
2018-04-26making default series to xenial.Narinder Gupta1-1/+1
2018-04-25Changed charm version, removed unnecessary Contrail patching, added condition...Stuart Mackie2-35/+31
2018-04-11Fixes for OpenContrail running on Pike in Fraser release:opnfv-6.0.0Stuart Mackie4-58/+70
2018-03-31Merge "Remove the env var KUBECONFIG"Narinder Gupta1-1/+0
2018-03-31modfiied to use admin as default for VM.Narinder Gupta1-3/+4
2018-03-29modified to use gnocchi charmNarinder Gupta3-6/+22
2018-03-28using the admin bridge on jumphost.Narinder Gupta2-13/+12
2018-03-27for fraser release.Narinder Gupta6-42/+42
2018-03-22Remove the env var KUBECONFIGLinda Wang1-1/+0
2018-03-16Fix k8s configLinda Wang1-4/+2
2018-03-14Merge "Fix k8s config"Narinder Gupta1-2/+7
2018-03-14use the latest stable charm.Narinder Gupta2-25/+25
2018-03-14Fix k8s configLinda Wang1-2/+7
2018-03-10ceilometer upgrade using action.Narinder Gupta1-0/+6
2018-03-09updated latest version of release charms.Narinder Gupta1-20/+20
2018-02-28Remove space in KUBE_MASTER_IPLinda Wang1-1/+1
2018-02-20modfiied to reflect the supported version only.Narinder Gupta2-4/+17
2018-01-25added more space issue in template.Narinder Gupta1-1/+1
2018-01-24modified to satified the lab issues it seems sudo was required inNarinder Gupta1-1/+1
2018-01-24space issue fix.Narinder Gupta1-1/+1
2018-01-23Merge "modified to enable the DVR on the deployment by default."Narinder Gupta6-11/+28
2018-01-22modified to enable the DVR on the deployment by default.Narinder Gupta6-11/+28
2018-01-17Merge "Fix malformed table Release Notes"Narinder Gupta1-3/+3
2017-12-21modified as huawei lab moved to new location.Narinder Gupta1-21/+21
2017-12-15added bionic support with snap deployment. Alos fixes.Narinder Gupta1-19/+32
2017-12-15Merge "adding snap install of MAAS."Narinder Gupta2-39/+51
2017-12-13release notes for 5.1Narinder Gupta2-6/+7
2017-12-13added OS_interface and password mechanism.Narinder Gupta1-1/+2
2017-12-13Merge "Revert "adding the OS_INTERFACE so that openstack client would use pub...Narinder Gupta1-1/+0
2017-12-13Revert "adding the OS_INTERFACE so that openstack client would use public."Narinder Gupta1-1/+0
2017-12-13Revert "added to retrieve the password."Narinder Gupta1-1/+1
2017-12-13added to retrieve the password.Narinder Gupta1-1/+1
2017-12-08Merge "Need to use version 17.08 OpenStack charms for OpenContrail with Ocata"Narinder Gupta1-20/+20
2017-12-07adding snap install of MAAS.Narinder Gupta2-39/+51
2017-12-06adding the OS_INTERFACE so that openstack client would use public.Narinder Gupta1-0/+1
2017-12-04Need to use version 17.08 OpenStack charms for OpenContrail with OcataStuart Mackie1-20/+20
2017-12-01modified for bionic support for future deployment.Narinder Gupta1-4/+21
2017-12-01fix for kubernetes scenarios.Narinder Gupta5-87/+88
2017-12-01extra line care by git.Narinder Gupta1-0/+1
2017-12-01for kubernetes bug fixNarinder Gupta1-3/+0
2017-12-01Revert "added new ntp charm to remove the K8 issues."Narinder Gupta5-5/+5
2017-12-01added new ntp charm to remove the K8 issues.Narinder Gupta5-5/+5
2017-12-01Merge "Revert "adding latest release charm support.""Narinder Gupta6-109/+91
2017-12-01Revert "adding latest release charm support."Narinder Gupta6-109/+91
2017-12-01Merge "adding latest release charm support."Narinder Gupta6-91/+109
2017-12-01adding latest release charm support.Narinder Gupta6-91/+109
2017-11-28Use juju run --application for patching OpenContrail containersStuart Mackie1-7/+9
2017-11-21add pod19 without vlan.Narinder Gupta6-46/+55
2017-11-17modified to correct the labconfig.yaml and reserver more ip.Narinder Gupta2-23/+45