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This CR adds a brief description of the inspector project. This will appear in the index page. Change-Id: I5a62bfcc31acddec70b8bf6c797938dbf91b41b0 Signed-off-by: Juan Antonio Osorio Robles <>
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-Welcome to Inspector's documentation!
+Inspector Project
+What Inspector is NOT
+* A monitoring solution
+* A new standard for audit
+* A project defining a hard standard of audit
+What Inspector is
+* A project to bring alignment and collaboration in order to get proper audit
+ information from the OPNFV components.
+* An effort to fill the gaps in the information that's provided by the
+ infrastructure components.
+ - This will be achieved by inspector being the place to put
+ bug-reports/wish-list items for more detailed information from the infra.
+* An effort to bring sustainable audit where it's not existing already.
+ - e.g. bring audit to OpenDaylight or components of OpenStack that are
+ missing it.
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