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Evolve templates to include Colorado releaseHEADmaster
Evolved templates for system and ux requirements to cover Colorado (in addition to Brahmaputra). Requirements that are only for Brahmaputra are flagged as "Brahmaputra:". Requirements that are only for Colorado are flagged as "Colorado:". Placeholders added only, to be used as guiding examples (see e.g. for Openstack version or OpenDaylight version). Requirements that apply from Brahmaputra onwards are tagged as "Brahmpautra and later:". System.rst files which describe the components for a release are move to release specific directories. Change-Id: I614921a9bf9c8166c9a19000ee822bdc3b9e2994 Signed-off-by: Frank Brockners <>
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Virtual forwarder:
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+.. Copyright 2015 Open Platform for NFV Project, Inc. and its contributors
+.. This work is licensed under the
+.. Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
+.. -----------------------------------------------------------------------
+.. Document to list the requirements the target system a
+ particular installer creates.
+ Please add a bullet each for every requirement added.
+Target system requirements
+Release: OPNFV Colorado
+This document lists requirements for the target system that
+an installer creates. Different from the requirements document
+on user-experience, this document focuses on the key hardware
+and software components the different deployment tools install
+and/or configure.
+Minimum base Operating System distribution supported:
+Components/features installed for OpenStack:
+Minimum base OpenStack distribution supported:
+SDN Controller:
+VM Controller:
+Virtual forwarder:
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@@ -9,6 +9,7 @@ OPNFV deployment tools common requirements
:maxdepth: 2
- ./system.rst
- ./component-support.rst
+ ./brahmaputra/system.rst
+ ./colorado/system.rst
+ ./brahmaputra/component-support.rst
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UX requirements
-Release: OPNFV Brahmaputra
+Releases: OPNFV Brahmaputra and Colorado
Requirements for a common user-experience created by the deployment tools.
@@ -17,12 +17,13 @@ High availability requirements
.. Please add the story reference to each requirement.
* `GENESIS-9 <>`_:
+ Brahmaputra and later:
Installers shall support the deployment of OpenStack with
High-Availability (for those components that support it in
Liberty) on 3 or more control nodes. Functest tests should
be able to verify that the HA is enabled and functional.
* `GENESIS-71 <>`_:
+ Brahmaputra and later:
Hitless hardware upgrade: Increase size of a deployment in terms of compute
nodes (add additional compute nodes) without service interruption.
This requirement doesn't mandate upgrade/increasing the size of the control
@@ -32,30 +33,31 @@ High availability requirements
Network setup and configuration related requirements
* `GENESIS-20 <>`_:
+ Brahmaputra and later:
Automatically populate discovered servers into install
tool (reduce user-intervention to a minimum).
* `GENESIS-28 <>`_:
+ Brahmaputra and later:
Installers should support a common configuration file (e.g. kickstart file)
per platform/role, so that the installed OS can be customized
for hardware and role.
* `GENESIS-43 <>`_:
+ Brahmaputra and later:
Neutron DHCP servers should be configured in HA per tenant.
* `GENESIS-44 <>`_:
+ Brahmaputra and later:
SDN Controller layer 3 forwarding support.
* `GENESIS-61 <>`_:
+ Brahmaputra and later:
Support layer 1/2 networking configuration.
* `GENESIS-62 <>`_:
+ Brahmaputra and later:
Support logical networks for target system.
* `GENESIS-72 <>`_:
+ Brahmaputra and later:
Support L3-neutron agent as an option for L3.
* `GENESIS-69 <>`_:
+ Brahmaputra and later:
Provide isolated compute node resources for CEPH OSD.
Versioning requirements
@@ -63,6 +65,7 @@ Versioning requirements
.. Please add the story reference to each requirement.
* `GENESIS-12 <>`_:
+ Brahmaputra and later:
Installers should track/control all versions of all components pulled
from external sources (user should be able to identify
the versions and origins of all software components deployed).
@@ -72,24 +75,31 @@ System definition and system configuration requirements
.. Please add the story reference to each requirement.
* `GENESIS-16 <>`_:
+ Brahmaputra and later:
Common ability to input site, topology, and server information.
* `GENESIS-17 <>`_:
+ Brahmaputra and later:
User-configurable parameters available via config files.
* `GENESIS-18 <>`_:
+ Brahmaputra and later:
Allow assignment of different roles to servers, so that hardware and
software can be configured according to the role.
* `GENESIS-19 <>`_:
+ Brahmaputra and later:
Deployment tool to provide for automatic device discovery.
* `GENESIS-25 <>`_:
+ Brahmaputra and later:
Installers should configure NTP servers on the servers for clock
* `GENESIS-40 <>`_:
+ Brahmaputra and later:
Hardware replacement.
Requirements pertaining to the qualities of the deployment process
* `GENESIS-74 <>`_:
+ Brahmaputra and later:
Installers which create a build for Brahmaputra, should create
the build as an "all-in-one" build. The the build process of
the installer creates a single entity (e.g. ISO) - which has
@@ -101,15 +111,18 @@ Requirements pertaining to the qualities of the deployment process
a "build" phase (i.e. create a bootable image, like an iso-image
from the different artifacts required).
* `GENESIS-31 <>`_:
+ Brahmaputra and later:
Installers to be agnostic to type of hard drives used.
Security related requirements
* `GENESIS-23 <>`_:
+ Brahmaputra and later:
Installers should enable Mandatory Access Control by default.
Installers should enable MAC either using SElinux or AppArmour.
* `GENESIS-24 <>`_:
+ Brahmaputra and later:
Installers should install ssh keys on servers so that key-based login
can be used for administration.
@@ -121,14 +134,15 @@ Installation method related requirements
* `GENESIS-39 <>`_:
+ Brahmaputra and later:
Ability to install with upstream artifacts.
* `GENESIS-38 <>`_:
+ Brahmaputra and later:
Installers should supply a script or set of scripts ("") to
automatically install the jumphost (from there, the
entire OPNFV system is automatically installed).
* `GENESIS-42 <>`_:
+ Brahmaputra and later:
Installers should support offline deployment. Jump host may have
Internet access, but the installers should support offline
installation on target hosts during the deployment phase (either
@@ -138,9 +152,10 @@ Documentation related requirements
* `GENESIS-34 <>`_:
+ Brahmaputra and later:
Installers should provide a user guide.
* `GENESIS-35 <>`_:
+ Brahmaputra and later:
Installers should provide release notes for an OPNFV release as part of
the documentation provided.