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2018-02-02Change dovetail tool version to be ovp.1.0.0ovp.1.0.0ovp.0.9.0xudan1-1/+1
Change-Id: Ieb32dbda8fd16942312900cb99a27f734e57d91b Signed-off-by: xudan <>
2018-02-01Update OVP workflow documentEddie Arrage2-50/+53
- Fix typos and word changes - Remove editor's note - Adopt rewording suggestions - Add back toc that was inadvertently deleted - Modify to reflect process used during beta and current OVP web portal usage - Remove reference to application form and use online participation form instead. Add new fields required in participation form Change-Id: Ia51b7674315467e01081015b3aa780ec03652ebd Signed-off-by: Eddie Arrage <>
2018-01-31Remove a sub test case under dovetail.tempest.tc004Eddie Arrage1-118/+23
- Fixed vping, ha, sdnvpn test case names to match test specs - Removed aliases from VIM operations and matched test case name changes in patch - CVP to OVP name change - A test case was removed from tempest tc004 because of the Tempest version from 15 to 14. A reference to it was still in this doc. Change-Id: If2e07e15b48ae6bca5ac0e262aead784cd67cd0f Signed-off-by: Eddie Arrage <> (cherry picked from commit db4e7c1d09a3d1d0b48dd3136817c30f0b2af5ff)
2018-01-31Modify title and references in guidelines addendum docEddie Arrage1-3/+3
- Add 2018.01 to title to match reviewer guide, release notes, etc. as this document may change per release - Modify link for Governance Guidelines to reflect ratified doc on domain Change-Id: Ifdaa287b2919c44d408aa0ddd0b164b8ca4f406d Signed-off-by: Eddie Arrage <> (cherry picked from commit abf0aff0c239e1011d43bc0c12a2acd7335bb924)
2018-01-29Don't allow user change SUT version to None after submittingchenjiankun2-2/+8
We don't allow SUT version to be None when submitting test. So we also not allow user to change it to Nonw after submitting. In this patch, I also make the result table self-adaption. Change-Id: I5c391592dcbdbd9eb8697e44d7bb5dda41431bd6 Signed-off-by: chenjiankun <> (cherry picked from commit 5dc6cab4205eb298f0494c3c0e9b887658793bcf)
2018-01-27Update OVP home page textchenjiankun1-4/+5
JIRA: DOVETAIL-582 We received new text from OPNFV marketing for the home page of the OVP web portal. Text title and body are pasted below. OPNFV is offering an OPNFV Verified Program (OVP) that verifies products and services with the "OPNFV Verified" mark. The OPNFV Verified program demonstrates the readiness and availability of commercial products based on OPNFV. Verified products and services submitted by vendors and service providers become compliant by implementing explicitly defined interfaces, behaviors and key features while retaining distinct and value-added innovations across features and capabilities. Navigate through the links in the left-hand menu to learn more and get started. You'll find step-step-instructions as well as a participation form. Use this portal to upload your test results when ready. Please send any questions to Change-Id: I5f6dd67fc187d7557a0b4cce6dd7391479e66b2b Signed-off-by: chenjiankun <> (cherry picked from commit d93377f9f84436d96d29f2b8dd1d8c7cd91adeb5)
2018-01-27Align container tags and test suite configuration yaml for initial releasexudan7-87/+20
Change default container tag to be: 1. Functest ovp.1.0.0 2. testapi ovp.1.0.0 Add test suite ovp.1.0.0 and set it to be the default test suite. Comment out bottlenecks CLI for initial release. JIRA: DOVETAIL-580 Change-Id: I956e49e43fc7ba0176c14079b7228089db5dc108 Signed-off-by: xudan <> (cherry picked from commit c47b8dde0e39e273372b091a3d8da1cc15b7ae9f)
2018-01-26Bugfix: Cannot change SUT version in the new uploaded testchenjiankun1-3/+13
If we upload a new test, we can't modify the SUT version. The reason is we must predefine the model. Change-Id: I8822b078c25a015dd4cc4becfdaae141aed66359 Signed-off-by: chenjiankun <> (cherry picked from commit fe07ad5754450cc50f84d51f474f47dc53597582)
2018-01-25Fix rendering issues with release notesEddie Arrage1-47/+47
- Fix test case listing and another bullet Change-Id: I46b0cff945176f464322f06737dc5c10f977598e Signed-off-by: Eddie Arrage <> (cherry picked from commit 5091bc68db6f92cf3aa9ddf5e6a63e2bddd3a16f)
2018-01-24Add release notes for OVP 2018.01 / Dovetail 1.0.0Eddie Arrage2-0/+358
- Second pass - Incorporated most comments - Added missing links for participation form, governance guidelines, terms & conditions - Added links for test collection framework and testscope - Initial draft of release notes Change-Id: Ib805513011d917e4ecd0096e51f2d63c898d7142 Signed-off-by: Eddie Arrage <> (cherry picked from commit 41629c161b04e762f04ea8d5af03fc4175b7ab21)
2018-01-22Bugfix: pass/not pass filter not work in results-report pagechenjiankun1-2/+2
For now if we click the pass/not pass filter, the user can also see the not pass/pass data in the page. Change-Id: I8bf696e615bedbb93714d457b3eb502a4ed1d923 Signed-off-by: chenjiankun <> (cherry picked from commit e895992dc11f092ee80603e9fd4a3708807e6b61)
2018-01-22[ovp-web] Add SUT version number to OVP portalchenjiankun3-4/+11
JIRA: DOVETAIL-572 We currently have a label column in the OVP test result view. This allows users to attach a custom label field to their results. It is at the users discretion to fill out this field. We need a separate SUT version column to track the product version number being submitted for official review. The field can be left blank when users upload and share results in a private manner. However, the OVP portal must check that this new 'SUT version' field is populated before results are officially submitted for review. An error message prompting the user to fill out this field if it is blank must be implemented when users submit results for review. Change-Id: I1ca915423a56e8173a3a13f1b84b066cf91d9291 Signed-off-by: chenjiankun <> (cherry picked from commit af1debe11cf4793bae049ff3ffd63dc906bbc1c9)
2018-01-18Transfer Danube reviewer guidelines from wikiEddie Arrage16-8/+190
The reviewer guidelines will be created per release, where the CVP/Dovetail releases are aligned to OPNFV releases. The guidelines outlined in this initial document are for the Danube release. Updated reviewer guidelines - Updated to account for issue where mandatory total always shows 215 in current version of web portal; removed one diagram and amended another - First section title change and wording for test area results - Removed white space - Added SUT info section and diagrams - Modified reference to with - Modified reference to with - Modified diagram filenames to reflect program name change - Changed CVP references to OVP and Danube to 2018.01 - Remove TODO for granting marks and escalation - this info is in other docs Change-Id: I01fc568ce6713d3c60daf339a2630e56e8dbcfcb Signed-off-by: Eddie Arrage <> (cherry picked from commit cac419a417f25a1c9e0de653e09d2f0ad32e4c42)
2018-01-15Changing CVP to OVP in the documentationGeorg Kunz21-503/+128
Due to the name change from 'CVP' to 'OVP', the documentation has to be updated. Change-Id: Id934e8fc07f60802f7aa6b3d295d268c4c9b71f8 Signed-off-by: Georg Kunz <> (cherry picked from commit 8f16dae9dae6d13bc6f5934bae5d26d420efd892)
2018-01-15Update test user guide to improve usabilityEddie Arrage5-222/+300
- Modify hosts.yaml syntax to match patch by Serena - Modify result file references for new timestamp patch by Georg - Revise online/offline diagrams for OVP name change - Add XCF GIMP source files for diagrams with layers for new elements - New changes for cvp.0.9.0 to ovp.1.0.0 - Remove reference to bottlenecks container for now - Modify section/heading structure - Incorporate comments: results.json vs. result files - Incorporate comments: online/offline install headings - Incorporate comments: remove IP from - Incorporate comments: remove sudo for wget - Incorporate comments: pod.yaml for SUT HW info - Incorporate comments: test case to config file requirement - Incorporate comments: suggested changes to - Modify the sequence of the guide to reflect installation steps - Outline all required configuration files earlier in the guide - Highlight configuration file key entries and pitfalls - Improve requirements for pod.yaml file for HA - Improve online/offline install instructions - Call out Dovetail docker run command and explain options - Clarify when testapi and local db ports need to be changed - Explain the dovetail run --testsuite and --testarea arguments more clearly - Improve --report option and default result result behavior - Make CVP portal a separate section - Explain CVP portal workflow to reflect current state of interface - Update references to cvp.0.8.0 with cvp.0.9.0 Change-Id: I41857c1b07c211a95f19c99054ca414351c75c20 Signed-off-by: Eddie Arrage <> (cherry picked from commit ee725220d42120028b7561c5b6c268d2bd350e88)
2017-12-25[bugfix] easy_install: not foundxudan1-12/+11
Remove easy_install because it will be installed later. Change-Id: I29f425e0a5784b581a5b65ea5c8f8db66fc9dc8e Signed-off-by: xudan <> (cherry picked from commit 6bda989aab98198118d59b6a16da05d7aef74265)
2017-12-25[Bugfix] Local summary with wrong results when Tempest failed at the SetupClassxudan1-11/+14
When Tempest test cases failed at the SetupClass, the record is the class name of the test cases rather than the name of the test cases. The local summary will say they are passed wrongly. JIRA: DOVETAIL-575 Change-Id: Iec879378770017eddd37e9a99346d980355bb6e2 Signed-off-by: xudan <> (cherry picked from commit cb03da10feb8af4cd48add8ab96b134f6d6ebd1c)
2017-12-25Bugfix: SSLError when login with linux fundation accountgrakiss1-0/+2
It is a quick fix. Change-Id: I72aabd5dd682074546259582cc91ba055d1decbe Signed-off-by: grakiss <> (cherry picked from commit 463d282125ee4cfd45e75ae5f18dea58bbed1504)
2017-12-23Fix aarch64 patch for Dovetail containerxudan1-9/+12
Change-Id: I3746136e9002a14eea81c38ea54cbbad7fa68da1 Signed-off-by: xudan <> (cherry picked from commit eefdd18e83e6aa15f8abf9671822f3a623c17171)
2017-12-22Change a to anxudan1-1/+1
Change-Id: Id2b9c2a6718047dace2a84ffa68efa387cb22500 Signed-off-by: xudan <> (cherry picked from commit 153647f7858dc80cf16b0164d748d6bb33f3894c)
2017-12-18Add License for the python scripts in folder offlinexudan2-2/+16
Change-Id: I9c585f132c10ef726cd859e4abe3c9a874cbe0bc Signed-off-by: xudan <>
2017-12-18[ovp-web] Modify new web portal header to reflect program name changegrakiss2-3/+2
JIRA: DOVETAIL-569 CVP is officially being renamed to 'OPNFV Verified Program'. We will adopt the acronym OVP instead of CVP. The new web portal header needs to modified to OPNFV Verified Program. Change-Id: I0ee1780b4e544dce4cf0b029733d1318a7c4e8fb Signed-off-by: grakiss <> (cherry picked from commit b28552a3fce6b4cb900823a0645cac7731451042)
2017-12-18[ovp-web] Use new program logo/text for OVP portal home pagegrakiss3-21/+31
JIRA: DOVETAIL-570 OPNFV marketing has provided new logos for OVP that will be incorporated on the portal home page and attached to this issue. The 'Infrastructure' logo must by used. The other two logos (Application, Lab) currently on the development site must be removed for now. Position the new logo in the upper-left side and position the blurb language to the right of it. The new blurb language to swap in (all uniform, non-bold font) is provided below: The OPNFV Verified program (OVP) demonstrates the readiness and availability of commercial products based on OPNFV. Verified products and services submitted by vendors and service providers become compliant by implementing explicitly defined interfaces, behaviors and key features while retaining distinct and value-added innovations across features and capabilities. The OPNFV Verified program grants products and services with the "OPNFV Verified" mark. Get started with your OVP application today. Change-Id: Iaf4172fe61ea46133c474207f77ba24b841211e4 Signed-off-by: grakiss <> (cherry picked from commit 1bbda3ceda250a3d28ee70e5d9f0ea09cc91e261)
2017-12-18Bugfix: pass/not pass filter not work in result-report pagegrakiss4-5/+17
The reason is there are some conflict with jquery.js and ng-model. So ng-model not work. Change-Id: I01ccd0e297d1a89aff8f78d7fb0a63a0e2114f63 Signed-off-by: grakiss <> (cherry picked from commit c94df5dc491cff80bfa14cf1e66b62db48e05b01)
2017-12-18bugfix: verify job failed because of one blank linexudan1-1/+0
Change-Id: Ie981fc1288d7da52bfaa72c58ebab5a1ec7c75a5 Signed-off-by: xudan <>
2017-12-13Remove all alias tempest test cases in osinterop test specificaion docsxudan6-250/+13
1. Some tempest test cases have alias test cases because of the different versions of tempest. 2. However, Dovetail fixes the version of tempest to be 14.0.0 in its first release. So the number of test cases that can be executed in osinterop is always 205. And for different SUTs, the 205 test cases are all the same. 3. In this situation, there is no need to list the alias test cases. 4. Just list all the 205 test cases which will not confuse users when they reading dovetail docs. JIRA: DOVETAIL-566 Change-Id: I5e39dd82314833c8c0a6c1732c990f671ae64420 Signed-off-by: xudan <>
2017-12-12update the branch stable/danubexudan1-0/+1
JIRA: DOVETAIL-573 Change-Id: Ibefd6c2c07e107de0911122a15293667f9042bd9 Signed-off-by: xudan <>
2017-12-12[cvp-web] Add initial CVP Portal homepage content for releasegrakiss15-70/+253
JIRA: DOVETAIL-563 The CVP portal homepage needs to be modified to support launch activities. An initial iteration between OPNFV marketing has occurred. Attached is a deck that outlines a basic left navigation menu and home content. We can focus on creating the left navigation and content outlined on slide 7. The links for the left navigation aren't all flushed out. Please leave Release Information/CVP Registry link href's blank for now until we define content for those pages. Change-Id: I84b8cfb996d336ef666d5a5f6aaabc0d5eebc37b Signed-off-by: grakiss <>
2017-11-28Remove one sub test case from dovetail.tempest.tc004xudan2-62/+10
1. Currently, dovetail.tempest.tc004 has 13 sub test cases defined in its config file and specification document of the test case. All these sub test cases are picked from tempest based on it's version 15.0.0. 2. For Dovetail 1st release, it fixes the version of Functest to be opnfv/dovetail:cvp.0.5.0, and Functest integretes tempest 14.0.0 in this version and it's E release. 3. There is one sub test case in dovetail.tempest.tc004 that is new in tempest 15.0.0, so it can not be recognized and executed by Functest D and E release. It is 'test_server_connectivity_cold_migration_revert'. 4. Remove this sub test case from dovetail.tempest.tc004. This means remove it from the test case config file and specification document. JIRA: DOVETAIL-561 Change-Id: Ia927af040794c7027a741a282ed75fe401f99ff1 Signed-off-by: xudan <>
2017-11-27[cvp-web] Bugfix: Total num of test cases should be fixedgrakiss7-143/+686
JIRA: DOVETAIL-552 The total num of test cases is decided by the number of the test cases users uploaded to the Web now. The total num should be fixed. For example, the total num of mandatory test cases should be 215. The total num of optional test cases should be 63. Change-Id: I6f7055bbeceb80f831af7d800b1a5aca4e165c45 Signed-off-by: grakiss <>
2017-11-27[cvp-web] Admin can approve and not approve resultsgrakiss2-11/+39
JIRA: DOVETAIL-562 According to the CVP workflow, once a result has been submitted to review, the admin will send email to all reviewers to get the comment (+1 / -1). Enable admin to approve/not approve the result after he gets the feedback from all reviewers. Otherwise, the result will always be in 'review' status. Change-Id: Ic3ace3c7284c70e9a8186d03e6cd88c91ecc76f9 Signed-off-by: grakiss <>
2017-11-20Include full date in name of compressed result fileGeorg Kunz1-1/+1
The name of the compressed result file included a timestamp according to the pattern "day_hour_minute". This is a rather uncommon timestamp and can cause confusion. This patch changes the timestamp to a more common "YearMonthDay-HourMinute" format. Please note: Please check if this change has an impact on the web portal. Change-Id: Ife41050bc1d5ca6942706b756d03a1d0d251ae41 Signed-off-by: Georg Kunz <>
2017-11-20Just enable withdraw for the one who submit to review (onwer)grakiss1-2/+2
JIRA: DOVETAIL-559 Just enable withdraw for the one who submit to review (onwer). Change-Id: I4f073fa00930c8f211239ee42034bb40c1af1f91 Signed-off-by: grakiss <>
2017-11-20[cvp-web] Can't submit the same results to review from different usersgrakiss1-16/+12
JIRA: DOVETAIL-560 Can't submit the same results to review from different users. Change-Id: I4a3dcc2dc8a817653ac9da6f93722659e04c89a1 Signed-off-by: grakiss <>
2017-11-20[cvp-web] Bugfix:return 500 when upload a tarball file with no results.jsongrakiss3-15/+25
JIRA: DOVETAIL-558 The Web portal will return 500 code when upload a tarball file with no results.json When all test cases failed or report with wrong DB url, there may be no results.json. Check this and alert users instead of returning 500 status code. Change-Id: Ie13d9c3c62044c525f5dbb3fca9b6123d0b5acce Signed-off-by: grakiss <>
2017-11-20bugfix: hosts info is wrongly processedSerenaFeng4-11/+23
changes: 1. add usage example in hosts.yaml.sample 2. fix /etc/hosts from wrong format {'hostname': 'ip'} to the right 'ip hostnames' 3. fix --add-hosts from wrong usage --add-host {'hostname': 'ip'} to the right --add-host='hostnames':ip 4. support per ip mapping mutiple hostnames, which is also in line with /etc/hosts schema JIRA: DOVETAIL-556 Change-Id: I92e8cb0fd3476b61f5c73a69e34c4a66aef51d6e Signed-off-by: SerenaFeng <>
2017-11-16Remove redundant log when launch local DBxudan1-3/+9
The script will print "Already Exists" logs when the DB has been initialized by the data stored in JumpHost. Ignore this kind of logs because it won't affect the launch of the DB but it will confuse users. JIRA: DOVETAIL-557 Change-Id: I23616b10bbadc49888731e943d0a4ee4425045f5 Signed-off-by: xudan <>
2017-11-15Remove style.css for License issuegrakiss5-168/+88
style.css is GPL 3.0 License based, we need to remove it. The origin css file is as bellow: So I remove style.css, and write a new css file to replace it. Change-Id: I78a572f74c71081052767622903b371e22e158a4 Signed-off-by: grakiss <>
2017-11-09Added a license metadata line to specify Apache-2.0rpaik1-0/+1
Change-Id: Ic5c3c3e2bbc2cff54f291fcd77bf9b5741f9f606 Signed-off-by: rpaik <>
2017-11-09[cvp-web] Bugfix: use '_id' as the primary key of the data rather than the ↵grakiss3-68/+89
'Test ID' JIRA: DOVETAIL-554 It allows different users to upload the same results now. So the 'Test ID' is not unique in this situation. Use '_id' as the primary key which can uniquely identify one data. Change-Id: I852ee116f36a6a86e9b4350183e39ee00f8b99de Signed-off-by: grakiss <>
2017-11-09[cvp-web] Bugfix: Results shared by email are not shown on non-reviewer's pagesgrakiss1-11/+15
JIRA: DOVETAIL-551 The CVP web portal can support share with name and share with email address. But when sharing with email, the pages of non-reviewers will not show the results shared by others. Change-Id: I94451448cc60d1f7a3472d756c502200757a16a8 Signed-off-by: grakiss <>
2017-11-08[cvp-web] Allow accounts with role 'reviewer' to submit resutsgrakiss1-2/+2
JIRA: DOVETAIL-549 Accounts within the CVP portal with the role 'reviewer' cannot submit test results currently. While reviewers cannot review their own results, they should be able to submit results. Many within the Dovetail community will be serving multiple roles as testers and reviewers. Change-Id: I762aeec64bb2b207c582aa79e0ad1bd5a635fd19 Signed-off-by: grakiss <>
2017-11-07Tag dovetail cvp.0.9.0xudan4-2/+60
JIRA: DOVETAIL-550 Change-Id: I871ec1fdf8d33efe3ed00602d0184c7b35896c17 Signed-off-by: xudan <>
2017-11-06Bugfix: Failed to build local DB on Centosxudan2-17/+17
1. The scripts for building local DB and testapi service just work on Ubuntu. 2. For Centos, they fails to do that. 3. This is mainly because of that Centos can't use the IP of the JumpHost to connect the DB and testapi. It needs to use the internal IPs of the DB container and the testapi container. 4. Change the IPs in the scripts to be the containers' internal IPs. JIRA: DOVETAIL-548 Change-Id: I71aed82cb620b58bcd43ace61497db65c5bd7ecc Signed-off-by: xudan <>
2017-11-03Minor docs change to test docs integrationGeorg Kunz1-11/+0
This is minor patch which updates the documentation in the dovetail repo in order to test the toolchain integration in opnfvdocs. Change-Id: Id91c57d1a38cf02d8ed4653bc9eddb7081f025e7 Signed-off-by: Georg Kunz <>
2017-11-02Modify reference to online modeEddie Arrage1-6/+7
Changed reference to online mode to refer to installation rather than uploading results from Test Host to CVP portal directly, as current text is misleading. Change-Id: I9439d340beabb76f04b7782243c050064753a8ec Signed-off-by: Eddie Arrage <>
2017-11-02Update the user guide environment diagramsEddie Arrage2-0/+0
Updated the test user guide diagrams with the correct CVP portal web link and removed direct connection between the Test host and the CVP server. Online and offline mode refer to installation of Dovetail docker and dependent images. Change-Id: If2fb62d105557a41b156b90a3d9c956185be0b7c Signed-off-by: Eddie Arrage <>
2017-11-02Get SUT's endpoint infoxudan2-0/+28
Get the admin endpoints of all service. JIRA: DOVETAIL-546 Change-Id: Ie0ac3bc5b4eb0885046e207b73217994a4f0e358 Signed-off-by: xudan <>
2017-11-02Get hardware info of SUTxudan4-0/+88
Hardware info: Use ansible to get all hardware info from all nodes. JIRA: DOVETAIL-540 Change-Id: I6a2dde1b2ebae2af8f702008c23110ebe63cc06f Signed-off-by: xudan <>
2017-11-02Bugfix: remove redundancy linegrakiss1-1/+0
There is a redundancy line in result page when auto merge. We need to remove it. Change-Id: I31a754d881584be5a715ddcf6f1f32b25158dfca Signed-off-by: grakiss <>