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Tag dovetail with cvp.0.7.0
docker image used 1. opnfv/yardstick: danube.3.2 2. opnfv/functest: cvp.0.5.0 3. opnfv/bottlenecks: cvp.0.4.0 4. opnfv/testapi: cvp.0.5.0 5. opnfv/dovetail:web.cvp.0.7.0 6. opnfv/dovetail:api.cvp.0.7.0 7. opnfv/dovetail: cvp.0.7.0 main changes 1. [cvp-web]correct dockerfile 2. [cvp-web]remove useless docker-compose yaml 3. Bugfix: sdnvpn test cases failed due to wrong module name 4. Support to run mandatory or optional test cases separately 5. [cvp-web]remove workflow on homepage 6. add api&web services for cvp 7. Don't generate tar file when run without pushing results to DB 8. Make Yardstick log level can be set by CLI 9. Update the script for building local DB and testapi 10. Bugfix: tar results dir cannot be parsed by web portal 11. Replacing references to "DefCore" 12. Updating the test specification document with iterative inprovements 13. Dovetail tool replaces defcore with osinterop 14. Clearer structuring current and future test scope of CVP addendum 15. Adding a stub document for a CVP reviewer guide 16. Clarify criteria for testcase inclusion as running in Functest/CI 17. And additional clarifications. 18. add more information for the Identity testcases in the refstack 19. Doc: update user guide due to add new test cases and features For more information, refer to JIRA: DOVETAIL-516 Change-Id: Ic65073fd749c1bcdbd0946d081ba2d2fe9105057 Signed-off-by: xudan <>
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diff --git a/setup.cfg b/setup.cfg
index 26bc388..806fbf0 100644
--- a/setup.cfg
+++ b/setup.cfg
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
name = dovetail
-version = 0.6.0
+version = 0.7.0
home-page =